Another problem, people get caught up in the ‘social climate’ and how to manipulate that. Those things are superficial.
Peacocking does get you opened, but it won’t build attraction for you unless it empowers your identity.
The attraction switch it gives off is not flashy colors and large top hats.
It might make you taller,
but the switch it sets off is it establishes social status ans identity.
Those can be worked in other ways.

If you’re a Magician, Rock Star, Club Promoter YES! If it is your style then do it.

But from an evolutionary standpoint Male Mammals DON’T do this.
Practically all male birds do this. We are not birds.
Seriously, no male mammals do this. Female mammals do and it is very important for them to do it.
Being well groomed and fit are more evolutionarily justified as an attraction switch than Peacocking. It does point out social status, but if that’s not your social status it actually DLVs you.
For instance, a 35 year old Doctor should look like the sharpest 35 year old Doctor he knows of, not like Musician.

Plus Peacocking does not get you laid. It takes a lot more than that.
Work on your comfort, and transitions to comfort, and you’ll see more results.

Also I would have to say Peacocking is a trick that immediately gets someone attention. So guys who take courses get results they are not used to.
It shows immediate results.
Now if you have no game those results go nowhere.
So you’re getting reactions rather than results.

So rather work on taking care of yourself and being well groomed, and you’re good.