This is a promo Video for the Upcoming Teleseminar this Wed.
The Topic Featured in this Video – Qualification
The teleseminar covers 6 Topics in Total that all have their own Videos

Qualification is one of the most mistaught subjects in the dating community.
Qualification is the idea that you are gaining value through establishing your value and seeing how they resond to your value….sound complex…well it is a lot simpler than that.

There are many forms of Qualification-
-Body Language
and so on…

the Verbal example is the most common and easiest way to show it…

“What is something that you’re passionate about?”

What some of the old assumptions instructors say about asking something like this would be-
“You Gain Value”
“This is a LARGE Hoop Qualifier”
“If someone answers this you’re in comfort”

These are true but the most inefficient ways of looking at this concept.

You actually want to use Qualification these are reasons why
1-to Gain Value (one of the least important reason)
2-to Calibrate where you are in set- if she answers, you’re in ‘comfort’ (also less important)
3-to See if you actually like her (one of the most and important reasons to Qualify)
4-to Guide the Topics – Asking a question that you can talk about yourself. (Also very Important)

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