theREDstack Reviews

El Topo’s RED stack is an atomic bomb of game. Lumberjack76- San Antonio, TX

I’ve done about 30 sets since getting the stack (using only the first
half of it because I haven’t had the time to memorize it all yet) and
it’s working great. My first SNL about 2 weeks ago!
Jonas- Sweden

The stack as gotten me laid multiple times. Gotten me so many numbers that I no longer place a value on “just getting the digits”. JJ- Honolulu, HI 2008

The stack, btw, is pure gold man, I love the structured comfort and your way of implementing frames….its so money it just makes me giddy. BL-Dallas, TX

I think El Topo is one of the most dedicated instructors out there. Nous-Ontario, Canada

I cannot recommend El Topo enough, the biggest leap in my game since my initial bootcamp is completely attributed to him. Clear-Austin, TX

JJ- Honolulu, HI 2008
Probably the most sophisticated and technical pickup weapon I have. The stack gives you the confidence to paint yourself has a awesome person. Every step on pickup is covered in the stack. From opening to seduction. When starting the game it is very easy to latch on the flavor of the month stuff. However, I keep coming back to the stack because it is comprehensive and effective. The reason it works is because it is all about you. You don’t need to know a ton of routines. The few that are in there work and women don’t care as long as you are being genuine. The stack as gotten me laid multiple times. Gotten me so many numbers that I no longer place a value on “just getting the digits”.

In any case, working with El Topo has been nothing short of life changing. Friends always say how much I have changed in the past few months. Women for sure, but overall confidence as well. Thanks El Topo.

JJ- Honolulu, HI

Jonas, Sweden 2008
First off, what I think about theREDstack – awesome!

I mean, it was exactly what I needed because I’d been struggling with
the whole canned material vs “natural” thing, and getting it all
together. I also found myself “running out” of things to say in
conversations, so getting 30-60 mins of good material would clearly
help me out.

Read up on theREDstack and it just sounded perfect so I went for it.

I guess the greater value in it is seeing the framework (which you
also mention at the end) so yeah, I think you going into more details
about that will improve your future stacks. Maybe complement it with a
recording of a REDstack seminar.

I’ve done about 30 sets since getting the stack (using only the first
half of it because I haven’t had the time to memorize it all yet) and
it’s working great. My first SNL about 2 weeks ago!

Jonas- Sweden

LumberJack76- San Antonio, TX 2008

Well it’s been two months since my BC and now I have gotten El Topo’s RED stack. I could not be more pleased with the success I have had since my BC. I have gotten some awesome closes, but I have also had my fair share of growing pains. Now I use it like a mad man and it works, but I have also found out how far not to take it.
So I read El Topo’s blog and I found out about his RED stack and I read the reviews. I shot him an e-mail and had the chance to meet with him in person to go over my stack and its delivery. He is a super cool guy and he too always answers my questions and e-mails.
Its like he custom fits your life to the emotion progression model. He also explains to you how to properly deliver the stack, which is crucial. The stack can also be used as a reference on how to properly DHV, qualify, and frame in case you want to mix it up a bit. Its not short either so it takes some practice to master it. It is not gimmicky either. One of the things I was doing was using canned openers and quickly moving through them in order to start DHVing and bantering because I hated using them. I would always have this fear of someone busting me on using one of the openers, which has happened. I fear not with the RED stack because it feels so natural to use it. I feel like you can also improv other game so much better with it. El Topo’s RED stack is an atomic bomb of game.
If you are a noob and you do not have a stack you are WRONG. Stacks crush AA. You know exactly what you are going to say and do not have that fear of what will I say to the girl once you approach. Plus if you have all of this down when you do approach, you can focus on your body language, your locking in, your isolating, her IOIs, and dealing with obstacles. El Topo’s RED stack is the next best thing from a boot camp. I got one and so should you. High five ET.

LumberJack76- San Antonio, TX

Irony-Santa Monica, CA
I recently got a CUSTOMIZED ROUTINE STACK from him, and it changed my floundering bush-league excuse for game into something that women really respond to. Now, when I get into comfort, I have girls hanging on my words instead of waiting for their turn to talk or looking elsewhere. He introduced tonality and speech patterns to me and a ton of stuff that I had never thought of and am still trying to digest.

Now, the guy’s got a big enough head with out me sitting here kissing his ass paragraph after paragraph, but i will say this: the son of a bitch knows what he’s doing. What El Topo’s Customized Routine Stack will do for you is make you a real person instead of a series of half-adapted canned stories and games. He’s able to pull out of you those characteristics that you like about yourself, and he gives them back to you in a way that is attractive to women. In particular, I had one prevailing characteristic in my personality that I have always glazed over or otherwise hidden. During this process, El Topo told me that the characteristic was indeed attractive to women and an overall attractive quality; I just needed to know how to present it as such… Dare I say this experience has made me more confident in myself and my personality? I dare. What’s more, I now have a model for telling stories, specific to my life, that I can use when adding more comfort stories in the future on my own.

The best thing about the Red Stack is not just a series of stories about you that are given to you by someone who knows what he’s doing. The best thing about it is that, in the process of him giving you these stories, you find out more attractive qualities about yourself, and you are taught how exactly

to tell your stories, and compose future stories, and proceed through your routine so that women will find you attractive and ultimately enter deep comfort with you.

Irony-Santa Monica, CA

JupiterJazz, Canada 2007

I took a bootcamp a few weeks ago with El Topo. He was great with helping all the students in field – letting us know when to isolate, when to escalate, and winging us so we could see up close how this stuff was done.

Since my bootcamp, ET has been the biggest resource for my game. As the guys above said, his blog is full of personal insights to the game and some of the best sexual framing info you’ll find on the net. The information on there is invaluable. He’s quick to answer any questions I send him by email (which is a rare thing for instructors). His responses usually come within a day, and are long and detailed. He gives you more of his time than most would to make sure you understand or know how to do something correctly. He really does want to see his students do well, and puts in the time to prove it.

As far as the routine stacks go, ET is IMO the best guy to do this. At the BC he demonstrated an amazing ability to weave grounding routines for the students after asking them a few questions. The routines were really detailed and personal to the point where it was very comfortable to use them because you could relate with the material so well. He did this in only a few seconds of asking the students questions. Given a week, he could make a stack that’d take you from opening to deep comfort with effectiveness. Having El Topo give you your customized stack and explaining how to properly deliver it is the best way that someone can explain Game to you without taking a bootcamp.

Once you see how a neg is used with an opener and a false time constraint; how disqualification and DHV stories work together; and how Qualification, rapport, and Comfort are inter-twined then your game will grow immensely, and you can more effectively use other material in the future. And anything he gives you with sexual framing is HUGE. This stuff is the next evolutionary step in the game.

TheRedStack is a bargain for what it gives you in return. It will get you laid so much quicker than spending $3,000 on a bunch of CDs and DVDs.
JupiterJazz- Cape Breton, Canada

Advent- Baltimore, Maryland 2007
I also had the pleasure of working with El Topo on a customized routine stack, and I have been very impressed.

ET does an amazing job of bringing out the best parts of your personality and helps you present your best self. It’s nothing like a bunch of routines pulled from bristol lair, but truely customized based on your life and experiences. It smoothly flows from one piece to the next practically in the form of a natural conversation.

The stack takes you from opening all the way into comfort with explanations along the way of different frames you’re setting up. The sheer quality and volume of the stack greatly exceeded expectations. I received over 10 pages of material in an easily presentable form all based on my life.

While I haven’t yet had the opportunity to attend a bootcamp, I’ve been in the community over a year and have many products from Swinggcat, the VAH, DavidD, magic bullets, and I have to say next to magic bullets the customized routine stack really opened my eyes as to how everything should work together.

However, you better be willing to do your homework. It is a lot of material, be prepared to study it page by page, then practice it in the car, in front of your mirror, whatever you have to do to internalize it and be able to deliver it well. As ET helped me see, delivery is very crucial.

This stack provides a detailed roadmap of what to do. It’s up to you to really use it.

Highly recommended, you won’t be disappointed.
Advent- Baltimore, Maryland

Clear- Austin, TX 2007
Last night El Topo drove down to austin to go over our routine stacks he made us in person. This resulted in my first SNL:

What is amazing about the stack is that I truly believe the stories and frames it contains. For instance it talks about:
How I’m really into women that are intelligent and classy, but fun and social (force qualification)
How US culture is superficial and in some way backwards compared to european culture
How women are expected to exude sexuality.. but aren’t expected to even think a sexual thought (to which they agree and start to be sexually framed)

At no point during the stack do I feel like I’m doing anything unnatural or “gamey”

When I’m in set now I feel like I’m a magnet (no pun intended on tenmag). When I start talking about a trip to europe and how the girls I’m opening remind me of them the affect is truly amazing. I watch girls go from interested.. to a state that seems like they are in a trance.

What is different is that I’m talking 100% of the time now. They try to get words in here and there (desperately trying to qualify themselves), but for the most part with this stack I am projecting such a strong frame that women cannot resist being sucked in. Before I was running stock-like attraction material and it was more of an exchange. This would work sometimes to get a girl.. usually when we had a lot in common.. now I realize that having them talk is BAD. You need to control everything in the beginning of a set and the more you control the discussion – the stronger your frame is – the more attracted they are.

I feel as though my game has come full circle. I feel like after 8 months of starting my journey I’m back where I started — trying to start a normal conversation with women — but without the journey.. without going out peacocked with leapard print shirts, without getting blown out in every mannar possible, without spending hours with girls just to get weak dead numbers, without running weird gamey routines — I wouldn’t be able to seduce a women by using a normal conversation. I wouldn’t know how to push women away and pull them back in with Kino. I wouldn’t know how to tease and disqualify myself when they have a bitch shield.

I’ve finally hit that point where I know I’m going to get there. I know my game is going to get to where I want it to be. I only wish I didn’t have to wait until wednesday to go out again!

A routine stack from El Topo is well worth his modest price.
I’ve worked with several other instructors–Tenmagnet, Cajun, Sinn, Braddock, and DaHunter. El Topo’s style is very unique. He makes the game more natural.. when I’m qualifying I’m just naturally talking about a story in my life.. when I’m building comfort I’m bringing up different stories that set sexual frames that just seem like normal conversation. He is a comfort master. He is so well calibrated at comfort and can build “deep” comfort extremely fast. Prior to the stack I was opening and getting attraction, but C1 was always hit and miss. With just a little help with El Topo I saw instant results in my game.

I cannot recommend El Topo enough, the biggest leap in my game since my initial bootcamp is completely attributed to him.
Clear- Austin, TX

Nous-Ontario, Canada 2007
The routines that I’ve used were mostly stock routines that are other people’s material. Although I have a strong identity which is a DHV in itself, namely, as a sound engineer/music producer, I wasn’t properly demonstrating higher value to women and at a certain occasion, my personal DHVs came off as trying to impress them. Moreover, I used to just ‘wing’ my interactions with women. So I emailed El Topo about the RedStack. I wanted not only a Routine Stack consultation but also a Phone consultation in order to discuss some of my sticking points. Before El Topo worked on my Routine Stack, we spoke over the phone in order to know where I was at in my Game and also to know my background, goals and passions which are the major components of the RedStack. As I was telling El Topo my background, goals, and passions over the phone, he was simultaneously working on the Routine Stack already.

I now have a Routine Stack that is based on the breakthrough developments. El Topo gives many suggestions on how to practice the Routine Stack. He explains what is behind the routines, the ‘why’ of the routines. El Topo teaches you what to do during the interaction, what to do in between your customized routines. I now have a structured Game Plan to take women from Attraction to deep, heavy Comfort.

I think El Topo is one of the most dedicated instructors out there. Even after my Routine Stack and phone consultation, El Topo checks up on my progress through email and text. He even went another extra mile by critiquing some of my field reports and gave me insights as to where in my Game I am the weakest at. El Topo is different from the rest of the instructors in that he pro-actively guides and takes initiative in checking up on our progress in order that we may accomplish what we came in this Game for.

Nous-Ontario, Canada