There are a few things that we stand for at The Sexual Life. When a client is looking to start a program and better his/her life there is one goal: they live their best expression of self through authenticity. This is not negotiable, nor broken. In this article we will explain the ideas behind The Sexual Life so that you can live a life where you can be authentic and truly become the best expression of yourself. There is no shame in seduction, ones sexual desires, or taking action on improving one’s life. The difference between someone who feels freedom and one who feels shame because of their sexuality and sexual actions is their willingness to be themselves in their actions.


Philosophy 1-Be Social


We shouldn’t need rules to be social, it is a natural instinct that we all have within us. The first thing we need to recognize about being social is that it is already within us.  Despite whatever things keeping us from being a social being we were born with it.  Rather than deny ourselves we need to be ourselves. Lack of socialization or poor socialization is a result of being who we are.

Socialization has to be authentic.  If it is fake or contrived that is not socializing, it is acting.  In order for us to have the best social lives we need to not act, but exist as an expression of ourselves.


The Sexual Life’s Evolution of Self


1 – Self-Expression –

First we need to learn the ways to truly express who we are. This can be through techniques, systems, actions and so on, but it must serve an experience.  Remember the benefits and experiences of our self-expression do not serve a system, it is the system or technique that serves the beauty of socializing.


2 – Self-Exploration –

The more we can express ourselves the more we will explore ourselves. When we live as who we are, and no longer the actor hiding behind a façade we will start to have experiences and relationships.  We will start to then know who we really are. We may have the desire to have one thing, but once we do we will may realize we want something else.

We may get very close and intimate with someone and in doing so we may experience feeling that we never knew we had.   We cannot fear this, this is part of the process of discovering who we are. However it is only when we can be authentic with who we are that we can truly know who we are.   As person in fear of experience, holding on to the roles we create in our lives we will only then experiences the ‘reactions’ to our fears and insecurities.  There might be great results, however we become more insecure in the process.


3 – Self-Acceptance –

When we experience who we are we will notice patterns within our lives.  The worst thing we can do is pass judgment on ourselves.  This may seem impossible, however when we see patterns that are good, and patterns that are bad we need to learn not to act or react. The true path of change when it comes to self-acceptance is to welcome it. This might seem odd.  Whether it is manipulative behavior, sexual dysfunction, superiority, or acts that we want to forget, our ability to ignore exaggerate them allows those behaviors to get in the way of our true freedom.

If we are people who are insecure, we need to be ‘ok’ with being insecure first, then take actions based on that.  If we take actions that deny our insecurity then we will only be putting more on top of parts of us fighting to get out, and the war between self and image will begin.   The result is a life of confusion and contradiction.

It doesn’t matter what results our lives yield. If we are not achieving a level of self-love then we are simply showing off a costume to the world. In order to have the best social life we need to be at peace with who we are.  We need to love who we are, once this can happen other people can love us. Our lifestyle can be boundless.  Our relationships, partners and affairs can reach their true social and sexual freedom. We can live a life where the ‘natural’ path of socializing and seduction can take place.

Simply one person can need something and another person can purely express themselves that fulfills that need, and the 2 can build their natural attraction. Love beings clarity when none can be found.  However love can only be sustained through the maintenance of that clarity. Much like socializing can always happen, so can love, however it needs to be respected, and cultivated and maintained from within when it shows itself.


Philosophy 2-Be Sexual


One of the most fundamental acts of humanity is sex. Our instincts of socialization are expressions of the desire to have sex.  All socialization is really a dance of sexuality. Sex is one of the most direct expressions of self, therefore has the potential to absolutely explore one’s self, accept and love one’s self.

In order to feel the true benefits of being sexual, one must be authentic.  If we are unauthentic with sex, just like socializing we are only acting.  We are exchanging at one of the highest levels of communication while having our reactions, fears and overreactions speaking instead of ourselves.

Sex is something that is limitless endless and impossible to define, yet the best way to understand it is to have it. It is a rite of humanity, and holds the key to one of the biggest windows to the core of who we are. Sex, Seduction and Sexuality are powerful things, and if we do not have our social life in order than if we are not humble we will be humiliated. In The Sexual Life we breakdown both ‘Sexual’ and ‘Life’. Sexual is an Adjective for Life.


Sexual –


–       Sex – An Action

–       Seduction – A Process

–       Sexuality – A Result of our Sex and Sexuality


Life  –


–       Identity – We all have a façade, we all have an expression of self that is going to be influenced by the world around us, however that has got to feedback into who we are.  This means our mini-facades of life actually are simply attempts to express to the world who we are.  If we express who we are by being something else, it will make it impossible for us to be free.

–       Experience –  We need to always be aware of what we are experiencing.  Many times we get caught up in the techniques, systems and actions, yet we fail these are simply tools to get the right experiences.  The true failure of life is when we think that life means an organization of systems to live by and we forget to humble ourselves to experience.   Our actions, systems and plans simple serve the experience.   Without this not only are we cutting ourselves out of the great experiences of life, but we also will limit the natural creativity of life, but thinking we can control what is greater than us.

–       Purpose –  Many times we only think of the results of our actions.  We want to get results, and definitions to live by.  However the result simply serves something greater, our purpose.  Achieving a result always feels good, however achieving a result with no life, or purpose behind it only feeds that insecurity or need for the result.   When someone lives with purpose and bases their actions on that purpose, results and definition have less emphasis.  The enrichment and adventure of life itself allow a simple ‘being’ to happen.   When we are not able to find purpose, the results of our actions become expressions of the starvation and deficit within ourselves.

To Be Sexual we need to combine these forming:


The Sexual Life –

–       Sex as an action, but also an expression of identity

–       Seduction as a process, as well as an experience

–       Sexuality as our results of our sex and seduction, but also our purpose


The gift of Being Sexual is one of the most beautiful and great acts of humanity, in order to experience it you need to be an expression of who you are first and foremost.


Philosophy 3-Live Life


We need to be living life. No matter who you are, no matter what your experiences have been, if life is there is can be lived. Life has no true measurement.  There is never more or less, as long as it is there it can happen – it can live.

This may sound simple however we often live life in a state of constant limitation. We might be people that have limiting beliefs; fears that hold us back or filter our actions to repress us, we may be in a constant battle of life. Many times we can find ourselves living a life of contradiction.  Our hearts may say one thing, our intentions pure, but our actions or results of our actions end up confusing and contradicting what we started out with.

We need to allow ourselves to live life.   And if there are things keeping us from living that life, we need to stop them. We may thing that controlling life is the answer, however just like in our definition of The Sexual Life we will find that we can only be a part of life, we will never control it. We can have no self-acceptance nor self-love if we are attempting to dictate life.


The Nature of Life – The Nature of Seduction

Life happens where it can happen –

Much life socializing and being sexual we need to realize that anything that was meant to be holds no boundaries.  In order to understand the simplicity and true beauty of socializing and sexuality we need to understand life. Life will happen where is can happen. If there is the right food, environment and living conditions life will find its home in the form of whatever it can live there.

This occurs in biology, but also in relationships and sex. If a woman has an urge for sex, and a man shows his urge for sex the natural course for this is to have sex.   We are meant to have sex, socialize and exchange, however without truly expressing yourself you will not be having sex for the experience you will be having it for the action.   You will only be getting results rather than fulfilling purpose.

The difference with someone who feels shame from a sexual act and someone who feels freedom has nothing to do with the act but everything to do with the purpose behind the act. Life takes place in an area that is infected or already consumed with another form of life those two forms of life will either exist together achieve symbiosis or they will have to fight each other until one dies.

If we being a social or sexual life with someone and we have conflict then that conflict will consume our experience and ultimately destroy that social and sexual life.


Life only Knows How to Live

Where there is any life, life can be lived.

When it is gone it must be absorbed.

Life is impossible to measure.  We might be able to see less of it at times than others but it can always retake root, or transform into another form of life. Like the Law of Conservation of Energy we can see that energy never ends it simply transitions.  Without confronting spirituality we can also see this in life.

Life feeds off of itself.

When something is dying prematurely we can sometimes bring it back to life by giving it the proper food and environment.   When life has reached its time and can no longer continue it stops and the body that was carrying it gets consumed by life.

As a member of the human race we need to realize that life and its process can be the teacher for how we live socially and sexually. Often times we may feel that our lives our irreversible.  We may find that we have created habits, or patterns that are impossible to fix.  We may have cultivated addictions, diseases and emotional baggage that we feel will limit us from ever experiencing freedom.

These beliefs might be reinforced through our opinions of ourselves, our reputations and our roles that we have accepted.  We have evolved into them, and now we must live them.

Life only knows how to live, we don’t need to redefine it or get in its way.

We must realize that much like life having the ability to always find itself, even in its own death we can also find life within our social and sexual lives. No matter where we are, and who we are, we can always find the absolute freedoms and joys of sexuality.    Socializing and Sexuality are simply vehicles to express ourselves, and ultimately love ourselves.  We get caught up in the definitions of what they are supposed to be.

If we want to live The Sexual Life we need to know that Life is Life, it can always happen.  If there is only a small amount that exists, then that small amount can be lived. Once it is lived then it can be how it was meant to be.

The Sexual Life is a life where one can be the person they were meant and be a pure expression of self. Anything less than that is simply an act that only enjoys the brief pleasures of its own reactions.


If you want to live the Sexual Life – Take Action!

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