I am actually about to post something really cool on Game, but this email came to my email box and I thought I would post it. Let’s keep that ‘community gossip train’ going!

So I posted yesterday some commentary about PUAs and Lifestyle.
I really wasn’t posting to cause any stir, but I got some interesting feedback from a lot of people. Of coarse DJ Fuji has to knock ‘word of mouth’ style of business…in my next life I will learn to rape the living shit out of you all financially. But Fuji is actually one of the most genuine and intelligent PUA instructors out there. His friend (and fellow instructor) Kamoflage is the most confident (some might say cocky, LOL) is one of the BEST PUAs out there. I would like to say that comes from me training him, but really he does much more than what I showed him, way back when.
But an interesting comment came from a PUA Instructor that I am friends with that works for a Company that doesn’t like me so much.

In any case, I will keep his identity in the dark. Him and I are pretty good friends in and outside of Pick Up and actually have a lot of cool things in common. Plus we are both fans of the movie Gegen die Wand (‘Head On’ is the English title), a German movie that is in my top 10 of movies.

Here is what he had to say about my take on PUA Instructors that made me laugh, sadly cause it is soooooo real!!!!-

“Your verdict is harsher then I thought.
But it´s based on experience and my experience agrees with that.
Badboy is the best example, this guy seemed living such a lie, its obvious but people want to believe that Instructors live this extraordinary player life, it seems too me they are trapped in expectations the scene has.
I respect the work they put into their products, and as I said, it´s definitely not an easy job but it seems to me that PU is their whole world. All their friends are from the scene. It´s a constant value related life to only rely to people who you perceive as higher and equally high value then yourself, I always disliked this mentality to cut out people from your life that are not striving for being rich or successful in their life. Having relations with people that want to do you no good is surely wrong but still I like my friends who live their ordinary life.”

A special note- I don’t know Badboy or know much about him other than his material and what students have told me about him. But a lot of the people out there are pretty much ‘living a lie’.
Check back later, I will actually have some content posted.