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The thirst for love, the thirst for desires these are the root of suffering of your innermost feeling, if you want to extinguish this suffering, you should start by lowering or reduce these desires.
The practitioner should not seek after material enjoyment, but in the basic needs of living, these needs should be harmonized. For example: we shouldn’t be gluttonous about eating, but this doesn’t mean not eating at all, and we shouldn’t be too fond of sleeping, but this doesn’t mean not resting at all.

All things you will find, your heart can become attached to. These things then immediately become the master, and you are their slave because they manipulate you. Therefore the wise person can lay down all things, and not become attached to these things. He may use all things, but is not used by all things. Only then can he be the host, in other words he is the genuine master, and is not the slave. Most living things see satisfying their desires and doing things enjoyable as happiness; But Buddha see enlightenment as happiness.

Chasing after the sense of joy is just the same as getting excitement from an addicting drug, you might gain a short high but hidden is the endless damage. So the wise person does not get suck into the joy of sense.