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I wanted to share with you another lesson based on one of my Students from last year in Chicago.
His name is Amit –

He works in Psychology and dedicates his life to working with others.
Amit’s story is nothing short of Dramatic – when he was young he lost his father at an early age and had to help his mother take care of his family.  Also at a young age he acquired cancer near his Eyes and this left him Partially Blind.   When I met him, these were the first 2 things he brought up to.  He had learned the basics of ‘game’ but never did anyone show him how to be Himself and attract the women he wanted.   His Eye Sight and his lack of having a father made him feel that he was not entitled to have the women he wanted in his life.  When he brought this up to me, I became ecstatic and told him that he has so much that he is letting slip through he cracks.  Those ‘disadvantages’ are actually gifts.   The interview is Great and we just did it, it actually came to me at the Perfect time 9I’ll explain why in a second).
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Before I get into this Interview, I wanted to write about a few things that made me want to feature this interview this week.  I have over 20 other ones, but this one was very relevant to my life in fact just doing this interview gives me validation and reinvigorates my purpose and passion for teaching.

So last Tuesday, I ended up having what is now said to be a flurry of mini strokes.  My blood pressure went way up to the point where I needed to make a trip to the Emergency Room.  It was interesting cause I have been not nearly as stressed as I used to be – my lifestyle is pretty great, I get to do everything I want these days.   In so many ways I am at peace.  But one thing is for certian I had been working and traveling almost non-stop for about 6 weeks, putting in at least 12 hours in a day (sometimes 15) everyday of the week.   I guess this on top of some really bad diet accounted for what happened.

So when everything came to a halt (almost literally) on Tuesday it put a lot of things into perspective.   First off if I am going to be alive, I need to see it as a gift with purpose to fulfill.  I have actually died (technically – heart stopped, but brain did not, when I was 17) and it is not Death I fear.   Sure if someone were to put a gun to my head I would be afraid, but if it stayed their my fear would go away.  Death does not scare me, but the things that I am afraid of are always so minuscule.

When I talk with a guy like Amit it makes me realize what life is about, it makes me realize what being a man is.

Here is a guy that when he was a boy, got cancer and his father passed away.  He grew up with some heavy baggage.  that cancer made him partially blind, he had every excuse to ‘fuck up’ in his life.  He had every excuse to pass judgment and blame, and I am sure that when he was in the midst of it all, he sometimes did do that – but for the most pat he found his life in the solution.   He, like MunichHawk manned up when they didn’t have to…when they were kids.

Imagine having had those things in your life, imagine having to raise your siblings when you were still an adolescent, imagine being physically impaired, and walking out of it all dedicating yourself to being of service.  That is what both Amit and MunichHawk ended up doing.

Last week when I was really sick I felt like I was going to die, literally.  Many of you don’t know this but I have an extended family of Hawaiian, some of which are Kahunas (Hawaiian Priest), one is actually name Pua (LOL).  Tons and tons of ‘New Age’ people are always contacting them, in fact my Aunty Pua actually went on tour with the Dahli Lama last year.   When i talk to them they are just my Aunts and Uncles.  Many of them I consider my parents.   I also know many ‘New Age Gurus’ who are more my friends then ‘New Age Gurus’, mainly cause when they get too ‘New Age’ I want to punch them…it can be really annoying.

I bring these people up cause I spoke with a lot of them last week.  It was really amazing because many of them asked me if I had anything to ‘clear up’, or ‘things I had to forgive people for or be forgiven of’.  I told them all that there were a few, but for the most part I have nothing to feel bad about, for one of the first times in my life I was Free.

I actually talked to my friend Justin (who has also been interviewed) and we talked about the same thing, but this was actually the day I got sick, right before it got really bad.   He was saying that in the past 18 months all these big positive changes happened in my life all happened through the PUA Community, and he was right.

One thing that I have realized in the past 18 months is that you can have everything you would ever want, Money, Success, Fame, Women…all that stuff, and that doesn’t mean shit unless you have some peace and serenity in the space between your ears.  Cause right now whether I have nothing or everything doesn’t matter, I have that peace.

When I get on the phone and do interviews with a student that has overcome so much and walks out with so much success internally and externally I am really proud.  Not cause I did so much to change their life – in fact I did very little – at most I just taught them to hold a mirror up – I am proud to have known them and even though I stimulated change in them, I am always blown away as to how far they take it.

In this Interview Amit and I talk about –

  • What Motivates me as a Teacher
  • Overcoming Adversity
  • How you can take your insecurities and turn them into severe Attraction – your Insecurities are Ideal for theREDstack
  • How your inner perspectives can shape what you attract
  • The Saturation of the Pick Up Community
  • My Background, how I learned how to take my Insecurities and Shortcomings and Empower them
  • How masculinity in our culture is empty – We have become a Nation of Compromised Men
  • Hitting Plateaus when progressing at Seduction
  • How to get Rapport using stories of your life

Here is the Entire Interview –

The Lesson Plan Based on this Interview has been put into a PDF that you can download – it will be based on How to Get and Instant Connection with someone taking you from Opening to some Deep Comfort – based on the method of theREDstack.   The PDF is going to go out to the Email List Thursday Night.   This is a Special PDF Document.

You are going to want to get this document, it will really show you how every other method is a waste of time when you are trying to use plain old routines that are based on someone else.  You can only get so far with them.   Just listen to my interview with Amit – in just 1 Day I was able to teach him the skills that would make someone who had all these things that were supposedly working against him – his father dying at an early age – him getting cancer as a child – him becoming partially blind due to his cancer – and I what I taught him was how to take all those things and show them in the best possible way, and he got results in a week, getting the Lay he was looking for.  Aside from that his success continued on as well.

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