Text Game Part 3.1
Compliance and Framing

This is the 3erd part of Text Game-

There are 3 distinct parts to Part 3 of Text Message Game (Framing and Compliance, Dominance and Logistics). This is the first, and it is more Attraction Based, you can try this stuff RIGHT NOW and it is Easy to get a Rhythm for it.
It is all based on gaining Frames through Compliance.

I would say go out and practice this stuff, cause the Dominance and Logistics parts are VERY different and less playful. That being said, if you can get how to use this technique you will find gaining Dominance and Logistics much easier to accomplish.

It is about a year late…but at this point I could probably write a lot more on Text Game but we will save it for the PDF.

In any case, there is a lot of info out on Text Game now and by all means, mine is not the best…but I will say there is a TON of very disappointing Text Message Game products. In fact that was the reason for the post in the first place.

I got a Mass Email from a Major PU Company that had some “Text Message Secrets” and they sucked. It was the biggest piece of shit I had read.

So in this 3erd Part I want to show that some really in depth concepts with examples that one can do during text.

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With Text messaging you will find that most people don’t take it to its fullest advantage. I actually would rather Text Message than talk on the phone. I would actually rather IM (Instant Message) than talk on the phone. I might actually rather Text Message than meeting up in person

So this being Part 3, I will have to say this will be a huge Hurdle in terms of Texting Information.
It is still a lot of the same theory, but they go deeper.
Previously we talked about,
Baiting and Opening through Text, Push Pull (or Hot Cold through text), Working in Sexuality through Push Pull, and Compliance.

So what I am going to talk about now are more of those things and also Framing, Dominance, and Logistics.

I am also going to talk about different techniques that other PUAs I know use.


The two of these really go hand in hand. Compliance is HUGE! Text is such a quick thing, people text many times a day. Many people send over 100 a day, and some more than that. Either way, Text is reactive. So it sets up the perfect ground to gain quick Compliance. Then we want to add some Framing to that too.

So let’s start off with telling a story of some Evolutions…
The first Evolution I am going to mention comes from one of my friends…actually a student, someone whose couch I slept on many nights while traveling around and teaching in his area. This guy was always paying attention on how sexual I would get, and how sexual I would talk to women.
He is NOT your normal PUA, he is someone who is an Entrepreneur and doesn’t have time to dress up and go out to clubs all the time, wearing goggles and flashy hats. So his platform for gaming is at his house while he is working.

So he started IMing people on Facebook, Myspace and through the many other venues of Instant Message. When he was multitasking through business ventures he would check some tings online.
One time when I was at his house a girl was there and the house was pristine. She had completely cleaned it, she had been there for a few weeks. He met her online, and he through Instant Messenger.
I talked with her quite a bit. She told me that she never goes to bars, but she will date someone she meets online. This is a little hint for all you Online Gamers, it is like 10 times easier to do online game (if you know some simple tricks), and again this is a field where people don’t have much quality information on.
Women…HOT women, are on all the Dating sites…also with a poor economy and depression at a high, people are bored and want more human connections.
There is a reason why Match.com and the rest of them do better in bad economies. People are bored and people are lonely these days, and at home they let their other sides come out. IM and Text messaging are virtually the same in this respect.

So then next time I went to this guys house, he had told me how he started gaming celebrities online. Here is what interested me….
I thought to myself, “I am a PUA instructor (according to some a “Junior Instructor”), everyone talks about Celebrities and Models and all those other instructors (or maybe I should say, “Senior Instructors”) never really get Celebrities or real Models (Girls you meet on sugardaddy.com don’t count as models, they count as gold diggers). And this guy is gaming all these celebrities and getting them all sexually worked up over Instant Messager?”

So how the fuck did he do it? And YES he closed them…

There isn’t nythign special about his profile, him looking like your typical single guy Entrepreneur in a bad shit standing and smiling. There are some blurbs about how ‘driven’ he is and that is about it. In fact, let’s just say (for honesty’s sake) his pages are boring and a slap in the face to the old DHV.

What he did was he would see them online and send them some Attraction based messages…normally they are not the ones on the site, but when they would be sometimes they would reply. Now here is the thing, don’t get obsessed with spamming out tons of Famous people here, do it like he did, he would ad someone as a friend and he would send them an IM as he did it.

How he got one of them was like this…
He had just friended her on Myspace and saw she was on Facebook too (or vise versa), he IM’d her saying something like, “I just added you on Myspace…hurry up and make me your friend, then we can be friends on both of them”
She responded back, and thus resulted in a very long IM dialogue that went very sexual. She became totally OBSESSED with him and Yes…he closed her.

I have gotta ask his permission, but maybe he will let me post the threads if I take all the personal shit out.

The key to all this is he BAITS for Sexuality and Immediately makes the COMPLIANT in it. This is something I always do with Text and more often then not IT WORKS!
All those same Push Pull techniques I work for sexuality. Sometime I don’t get an open door and other times I do. Either way I will always keep texting.
When making someone COMPLIANT in texting you need to make them COMPLIANT towards a Frame.

So make those Frames-
Sexually Free, Open-minded, Leader, Discreet, and Responsible and you will immediately have an advantage.

There’s a whole bunch that can be said for these, but they are all good healthy stereotypes for a woman, and they will help you bring out that Sexually Free side to her.
Also you want to get these Identities off the table with her early because they are actually things that make a relationship easier. By this I mean that the roles between man and woman need to have a definition…either the Dick owns the Pussy or the Pussy owns the Dick…if neither is determined then you’re going to be in a pile of shit relationship even if you’re not going for a relationship, it will fuck up all over the place. Establish it from the start exactly who is in charge.

So we want to build a Rhythm with our Text conversations where our targets are COMPLIANT in the Frames we are trying to set.

Here is an Example from opening to Gaining Compliance in each Frame-

“Hey it is (name) who just met you, what is a good line to say to the bathroom attendant…I am really hard up… ☺”

In the first Text I always go with some Humor, but some guys don’t…but we will talk about that later when we cover Logistics. Also I leave a little humor towards sexuality.

She responds with something like…
“OMG, you’re so crazy…it was nice meeting you too”
“Hey, it was nice meeting you”
“I think you should walk into the bathroom and ask him for help LOL”

So the First Example she gives you an opening with the “crazy” line you can start seeding with that. ‘Crazy’ turns into sexual really easy.
In the Second Example she give you very little to go off of, but she is texting back so that is good.
In the Third Example she is adds some humor on the dark side of things, here you can really go off on her.

In the Logistics portion we will go over this more, but you don’t want to entertain too much humor with Seduction, because it doesn’t bond it to a part of their personality. You need to Sexualize Them, not dance around it with a jokes. Humor is just a way to get them COMPLIANT in it. It doesn’t make it work it just helps it.

So let’s say she responds to the poorest example, “Hey, it was nice meeting you”

I would say you need to take this and turn it into something you can make work, I would try for a doorway to sexuality again…
“You know what I liked best about you, I can’t say over text…but for now Nice meeting you too”

Here I am trying to Bait into getting her to ask what that is…
Now a funny thing, my beloved Caribbean Queen always says I am a pussy for baiting too much, she always tells me… “all women are dirty perverts and you need to tell them that rather than do all this baiting bullshit”.
Maybe I am not as Alpha as her, but for now, use Bait…it works.
And with this you should get a response something like this…

“What does that mean?”

This is good, you probably will get more than that, but that is the response you’re looking for, a Push Back.

So I would reply to that…

“Well I have a pretty crazy mind sometimes, but you’re pretty open-minded right? Plus you like gossip, in all the right ways of course.”

Here’s what I am doing is I am saying I am pretty crazy minded (can translate to something sexual pretty easily) and I am trying to get her COMPLIANT in being ‘open-minded’ (this always works), then I am putting out there in the 3erd line that she has a gossipy side to her (also can translate to sex if she takes this thread).

So let’s say she responds to one of them, hopefully she will respond to more but we will take the challenge with this one.

“Open-minded, yes…just what do you mean by that?

It would be better if she bit at the other ones, but now you have got her COMPLIANT in one of the Frames. Now you have got to take that and get her COMPLIANT in some of the other Frames.

“I get the feeling you can really piss people off with your first impression, not me cause I think that we are alike in too many ways…I bet you have a twisted sense of humor”

So this is some classic push pull teasing with the “first impressions” thing and then you recover with aligning it to you. At the end you do a force frame or cold read with stating she has a ‘twisted sense of humor’.

This should yield a more favorable response.
She should play to one of the cold reads and go in a more Comfort mode.

“I am not sure what you mean, but I can have that side to me”

If she accepts here, then you’re good. Then you just need to implement the other Frames like listed below this paragraph. But if she doesn’t you will need to Dismiss her a little and pull her back in with something like, “I guess I had you wrong…but I like the attitude.”

Now if she does step through the hoops then go for something more in-depth with her personality.

“Good, I am the type of person that only gets along with certain types of people, I like people who have their shit together…you’re the type that knows how to let it go too”

This sort of text doesn’t seem to elicit a response, but it will. Since she finally accepted the role you have a pretty large window where you can slip some Cold Reads and Frames in (we will talk more of this in the Dominance portion).
She will probably respond taking the compliment. This is another act of COMPLIANCE.

“I know how to have my fun”

The real technique here is when she keeps walking through hoops like this you need to take her answers and turn them towards Frames using the same rhythm and bait. For instance…

“I don’t want to know what your idea of fun is…but mine might actually scare you off, are you trustworthy?”

The above is using Bait and Framing at the same time. In the above there are 3 separate things she can address. You don’t necessarily need to have all those, but for the purpose of giving an example I wrote 3. You could have just said, ‘I don’t want to know what your idea of fun is…’ and she would play back. That is somewhat of a passive approach to hooking her. I say passive cause she can bit of she can avoid it. It is not reactive enough. The second two “Mine might scare you off” and “are you trustworthy” hit two much more reactive parts to a girl or any person really.

If she responds to ‘mine might scare you off’ this means she is most likely competitive sexually. With that you can really work her hard into a Frame. When we get into the Dominance stuff, you can do some real damage.
If she responds to being trustworthy she is hitting 2 Frames. The first being one being Responsible and the other being she can be Discreet.

Here are a couple threads that you can have as ‘canned’ text material that work a ladder up to a Framing Sequence and Gain Compliance. If you can get someone in a Compliant Rhythm then you can pretty much sit on Autopilot, and if you can work Framing in there too then you just need to work Logistics.

Framing and Compliance Sequences

Text Openers (for a Baiting style)
-“You’re not going to believe this, but I just went to the bathroom…wait you’re not religious are you?”
-“This is (Name), I met you tonight and just to let you know I am not that kind of guy, but nice try.”
-“This is you’re new text friend, text me back something bad”
-“I am just had the strangest thing happen with this girl, by the way this is (Name), but don’t judge.”
-“This is (Name), I like you, text me back. (this may seem to simple, but it works)

Baiting to elicit a part of her personality
-“I only get along with creative people, but I am afraid you might be too creative for me” (you can pick any leveraging characteristic)
-“I can’t believe you’re gone, do you always have this effect on men…the leaving too early part I mean.”
-“There is no clean up for you, what kind of a girl are you?”
-“Ok now I am confused, you do what for work again?”
-“You’re trouble, but I mean that in the best possible way”
-“You think too much and I don’t want to know what about”

-“You get off on teasing people”
-“I think you must be someone who takes things too far sometimes. I like that about you.”
-“You’re almost too crazy for me, it may not have been a good thing getting your number”
-“You like being all dominant to men, I can’t believe I am actually talking to you”
-“If I didn’t understand you, I’d say you need therapy”
-“You are so someone who gets intimidated by people you like, but gets off on intimidating easy targets”
-“I am not sure if you are shy or completely over the top…probably a mix of both”
-“You’re a free thinker that is good, but out of control too”

Making them Compliant in the Frames
-“What is it about you that makes get off on messing with guys”
-“Are you really someone who, thinks that way? Are you someone that most people misinterpret?
-“What makes you like someone? Cause I think the thing that people notice about you, is not what you might think”
-“Do you attract the wrong people sometimes? I bet you can push the right people away”
-“How do you think you make people feel when you first meet them.”
-“Do you think you’re more personality or more appearance”
-“I know you are someone who can be all over the place, but are you someone who is gets what you want”