Eat Real Food –

If there is one thing that you can do right now to dramatically change your Body, Mind and Overall Health it would be to Eat Real Food.-


In this 30 Day Lifestyle Challenge we are focused on the Body and Mind –

(Hint – the Next 30 Day Lifestyle Challenge will be on Mentality – A Razor Sharp Focus, Achieving the Impossible)

There are 5 main aspects to this 30 Day Lifestyle Challenge mapped out by Mark Ottobre

  •  Diet
  • Exercise
  • Supplements
  • Rest
  • Mentality

In the next 2 weeks I will be releasing articles on each topic but there is one that has had the greatest effect.  In my personal opinion I would say if there was only one thing you would take from this 30 Day Lifestyle Challenge it would be the diet – Eat Real Food

man on mountain1What this article is about is – If you want to,

  • Have the Mental Agility you had as a Child
  • Have Less Anxiety
  • Have Less Depression
  • Be More Creative
  • Be More Productive
  • Have Your Body Look and Function as it was Meant to Look and Function

Eating Real Food can do this for you.


Eat Real Food

It’s simple – Fresh meat, fresh vegetables, fresh fruits and nuts.  Cut out processed foods, most importantly gluten and processed sugar.   If it wasn’t around 200 years ago take another look and see if this is something that you should be putting in your body.

You can do this right now.  If you’re over weight, if you’re already in shape or somewhere in between this is something that will change your life in so many ways.   It might be a little hard at first, but it is simple and the benefits are almost endless.  I would even go so far to say, it you are in need of any life improvement (and I mean any financial, relationships or health) my advice would be take care of any emergency situations or problems and start Eating Real Food now and most likely something will change.


For Me Its Personal

Getting ‘healthy’ for me was a struggle.  Imagine not working out eating like crap and putting a whole bunch of toxins, like drugs and alcohol in my body for 15 years.  When I was 17 years old I had a major drug overdose and since then my brain never worked the same.  I just figured this was how it was, I would accept my limitations.  When I decided to clean things up I was very unhealthy – mind body and spirit – my liver, kidneys and heart had issues and I couldn’t think straight.   From 30-34 I tried many different things to help my body and mind regain health.  You have got to realize how frustrating this can be, you literally take advice from person after person to get back on track and like anything you fail more than you succeed.   I was able to get my body in shape, but my mind was still clouded, still had liver and heart problems. I could never get to where I felt good.   My body had problems, I had no energy and my brain was not the same.

Diet was one of the last things I changed, and it should have been the first.  Ultimately it fixed many of the problems I struggled with for years.

It wasn’t until I was 34 and I first switched to a juice only diet that improvements started to be made with my mood and mentality.   It was then that a friend of mine, Keith Norris told me to ‘try the Paleo diet’.  This changed everything.  I mean everything.

I had no idea how much my diet had slowed me down.  I don’t want to make it sound like it was a magic pill, but after 4 years of trying supplements, exercise plans and medications I found solution in diet and not in those.  The idea that I had damaged my body and mind so bad in my 20s that there way no way I would ever get it back.   This was false, and if you think that you might be in that boat, I can tell you from my experience, even though everything seemed to point in that direction that’s BS.  You can change, you can regenerate and you can be healthy.  If you have a heartbeat, you can live better!

Long story short, through a combination of diet, exercise, personal inventories I got it back.  I was more productive.  I was creative, and I had energy.  My body changed too.  I started not care how I looked or searching for a definition of how I was supposed to look but just know, ‘this is how my body is meant to be’.


Your Journey

Ultimately you will go on your own journey to finding the best way to eat and live, however starting at any other place will waste time.  You might find that your body does well with dairy, or does poorly eating nuts.  Some people choose a higher fruit diet than others.  I personally do well with a lot of meat and veggies.  That can absolutely change with different experimentation and exercise plans.  The thing is that you should start with eating some good solid stuff –

Meats, Veggies and some Fruit.  Cut out the crap, gluten, and sugar.
Once you have done that for 30 days, start reintroducing different components, like dairy or heavier carbs.   See how your body processes them.

If you want to know the effects of sugar and gluten, take those out for 2 weeks and then eat some bread or some processed sugar.  You will feel it for days.


The Definition –

Defining ” Real Food” –

You can be a meat eater, vegetarian or vegan while being on this diet.  In my case I feel that eating meat is really necessary for my health and well-being.  If you don’t eat meat for spiritual, or political reasons then stick with that.  Cut out the processed stuff.

When I started talking to Mark Ottobre about this 30 Day Lifestyle Challenge I had told him that for about 6 or 7 weeks I had let my diet go.   Mark was clear about his diet policy.

  • Make it a Way of Life
  • Eat Real Food
  • Don’t worry so much about the rules, calories, ‘what’s paleo what’s not’
  • Eat till you’re full
  • Eat when you’re hungry
  • Listen to your body
  • Do Not Eat Gluten

In my 30 Day Lifestyle Challenge with Mark, I have a very specific diet mapped out for me, but the overall message is much more simple.   If you want to look at the specifics of the diet check out the Resource Page (CLICK HERE)


Things You Can’t Eat –

  • Gluten – Wheat, Barley and Rye
  • Processed foods – Flour, Sugar, Chemical Compounds food (crackers, candy, chips, breads, pasta)
  • Processed Meats – Read about the dangers of Sodium Nitrate and MSG – HERE

If it’s in a bag or package, think twice.

NoProcessedSugar NoProcessedMeat NoProcessedFood NoBread









What You Can Eat –

  • Fresh Meats – Chicken, Beef, Fish, Lamb and so on
  • Fresh Vegetables – Kale, Spinach, Brussels Sprouts, Romain Lettuce and so on.
  • Fresh Fruits – Avocado, Strawberries, Blueberries and so on.
  • Butter – I eat Kerry Gold, a grass fed brand
  • Nuts – Almonds, Brazil Nuts, Walnuts etc











Keep it Simple –

Basically if it has a label on it, think twice.  Ask yourself, ‘Is this processed?’, ‘was my body meant to ingest this?’

For instance a bag of carrots has a label on it but there was no processing that changed those carrots.  On the other hand if you look at a box of cereal, even though it is marketed as healthy I would stay away.  Mostly because it has gluten in it, but aside from that there were many steps to process it.

Also I will say I’m not perfect, there will be times when I eat something like a ‘Kind Bar’ Here’s the list of ingredients for the Pomegranate Blueberry one –

Mixed nuts (almonds, cashews, pistachios), mixed fruit (raisins, pomegranate, blueberries, apples, plums), honey, non GMO glucose, crisp rice, apple juice, sugar, vegetable glycerine, chicory root fiber, soy lecithin, citrus pectin, natural blueberry flavor. VITAMINS: Vitamin A (Vit. A Acetate), Vitamin C (Ascorbic Acid), Vitamin E (D-Alpha Tocopheryl Acetate).

When you look at that, you have got to wonder, “What this hell is all that stuff?”  By all means you can google every individual thing, but when it comes down to it, it’s easier and cheaper to simply buy some nuts or fruit and eat that.  As for me on this challenge I am not eating nuts or much fruit.


Be Creative – Make Your Own Food!

Since I have been on this diet, I have also had the advantage of Maria cooking and creating all sorts of recipes.  If you want to see the recipes she posts a new one a day on the facebook page –


Organic Veal Stuffed Avocado, Breaded with Almond Flour – ‘A la Maria’

Recipe at –



Lamb/Spinach Meatballs with Sweet Potato – ‘A la Maria’

Recipe at –



Pineapple Mahi Mahi with a Kale Tahini Salad – ‘A la Maria’

Recipe at –



Plantain Lasagna – ‘A la Maria’

Recipe at –


Most of these things you can adapt to make Vegetarian or Vegan, for instance the Stuffed Avocado can be stuffed with Mushrooms or something else vegan or vegetarian friendly.  It could also be stuffed with Lamb, Beef or many other combinations…be creative meat eaters.

It doesn’t matter how much you workout, supplement or even mediate if you’re not eating right you’ll never be at 100%.  Although losing weight might be your primary goal, what you will realize from switching to a real food diet is this…

  • Your body will transform to what it was meant to be
  • Your mood will stabilize
  • You think more clearly
  • You will be more productive

Of course eating properly is not the cure all, but it is the most important part of it all.  You can eat well and not exercise and be healthy, but you can’t exercise and eat poorly and be healthy.   Things like exercise and supplementation are helpful, however,  exercise and supplementation will only go so far if your diet is not in working order.
30 Day Lifestyle & The Sexual Life
The 30 Day Lifestyle is the Movement to live a better life.  I hope this perspective and article moves you more in that direction.   To Live the Sexual Life means to be the best expression of yourself, and I hope that everyday you put yourself out there in the world and start living proud of who you are, and attracting what you deserve.


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