So I hope you folks liked the Audio out tonight… there is going to be more so if you missed it, make sure you’re ON MY LIST!

I also wanted to let you guy’s know about my buddy’s show coming out this weekend. Most fighters have pretty bad game. The OTM guys are exceptions, in fact this last week they went crazy again in Vegas with Algasm and Ryan scored 4 SNLs in 6 days.

The closest I have come to that was 4 SNLs in 8 days; however during that same 8 day period CJ got 7 SNLs.

Aside from that if Mayhem Miller was a PUA, he’d pretty much school a lot of the guys out there. He’s a fucking animal and an Awesome guy. I have worked with him a bunch (not in game, but in Photography) and he is a dude that would pretty much do anything for you. He has helped me out a TON in the past…

He sent me an Email about his New TV show Premiering on MTV this weekend…go check it out.

Here is the YouTube trailer for it, it looks pretty good-