So it has been a while and I have been deluged with the world of Pick Up!

But lot’s of cool stories guys.
I am in Austin right now and have been bouncing all over the place.
Last wee I gave a Lair talk down here, and I think there will be another one down here soon.

Dec 16th I will be in Boston for their Lair, doing a talk concerning body language, and to answer any questions the dudes have up there.
Doc Holiday has been very instrumental in setting that up.
Also it is tentative, but on Dec 19th I may be doing and LA/OC Lair Talk where Sexual Chocolate and gang are trying to work out!

Somewhere in there I would like to see Chicago, where Vapor has done his fair share in getting me a slot, but I have been the lazy one on that end.

Some pretty cool stories though.
Sinn, Levo, Shaft and some others just got back from Vegas.
Really good time there.

I got some pretty wicked stories, but Levo may top mine. I will leave you to decide.
Haven’t written my LRs yet but they are coming.
And one is some serious badassness.
Shaft would be proud, but I will have to wait on that.

One of the new things that a lot of us are workign on is how to escalate with only things like cadence of speech (tonality is in there too), body language, and as always frames.
We are literally getting results like lays within an hour.
Sinn and I have seen CJ do it many times, but now Shaft, and Myself have gotten some consistency to it.

When I was in Vegas last I talked at length to the Ca Pimp about it.
Once I get this sort of method down he says we will have a competition.
I have been out with him in the field and he can pull it off in minutes. I know the videos have a few things in his advantage… isolation, social pressure, preselecting more pliable targets.
But in field he is pretty damn good too.
This aspect of game is supreme!
I have been noticing that once you get a really tight comfort game, you can start baiting for comfort right away.

Anyone who has seen me, has seen me do this.
It is right away.
But within that comfort baiting I am constantly stimulation attraction.
Now take that idea and throw seduction in at the same time, working all three off each other, and that is where I am going with it.

In any case, just checking in.
I have a few LRs to post and some other stuff.

Take care and you know my email