The Basics of a Cold Read Ladder

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The Cold Read Ladder

Cold Read ladders are based on the Principal of Compliance. This is one of the Principals that is Fundamental in my new methods I am teaching all summer long in Austin.

Compliance is a phenomenon that is overlooked.   We hear about it all the time in terms of getting someone to do something, to gain value or see how ‘compliant’ they are with us.
But really it has a lot more power than that…
Compliance is so powerful because it hits a part of our decision making brain.
Humans and all animals are receptive to repetition, but when those repetitive patterns actually allow decision making to take place they can follow a path or pattern.
This is what we are doing with Cold Reading.   We are creating a pattern that feeds off of the repetitive nature of the brain, and moving it towards how they decide.

This concept was touched upon by those social dynamic founders, but they never took it where it could truly move to some POWERFUL Stuff.

Just think, this concept of decision making can be applied to many Principals…like Push Pull, Framing, Dominance, and even Qualification, but more on that later.
But the reason why my stuff works so quick and effectively is because it is actually based on experience and not guesses.
I can literally go out dressed like a bum and make this stuff work.

So back to the concept of the Cold Read Ladder.
It is very much like a ‘Yes Ladder’ in sales.  In fact it is almost the same thing.  The main difference is that it has more diversity than a simple ‘Yes Ladder’.
So what I am describing in this video is how a few simple easy to follow Cold Reads can lead up to one that might be a little more defining towards their personalities.

The examples of these should watched on the Video; however, I have included them here.   To really understand how delivery can be such a huge factor in Cold Reading watch how I go over it.

So first, since we are following a pattern in how someone thinks and makes decisions lets look at what directions do we want these decisions  to go in…

I generally like to gain compliance towards things that really can hook hard with someone.
So to begin I like to Cold Read towards these subjects-
-Someone’s Persona or Identity
-Someone’s Emotions
-Someone’s Sexuality

Now this can seem a bit advanced, but if I didn’t give you some challenges how would you push yourself…

So our pattern here is to give 2 simple and very general Cold Reads, to gain some compliance and then lead those into a frame based Cold Read.

To start this off for someone beginning at Cold Reading it is best to begin this process with some Bait.  I go over this in the Video but what is really important is that you get them to react toward you first and use that bait in order to gain momentum towards your ladder.

Some examples of Simple Cold Reads I rattle off in the Video are here.  There are a ton in the Video, but I can only write so much…hahahahaha!

-You think too much
-You can be clumsy
-You’re somebody that has a few friends but has a lot of acquaintances
-You’re somebody that second-guesses yourself

Remember that when you are gaining Compliance in a ladder time is a factor.   This is really something that varies, however, in a Cold Read Ladder like this one you should walk this ladder up completely within 2-5mins.
This phenomenon of a ladder occurs over and over again.   It applies to things like Relationship Management, and even Seduction.
So mastering is in how I lay it out in terms of Cold Reading will actually help out later if we continue on this method that to translate into Seduction and even more advanced ways of influencing and persuading people.

So some of the more hard hitting Cold Reads that will establish a Frame would be something along the lines of

“I really bond with a certain type of person.
Like the fears that I have about myself can dictate parts of my life, but I can tell from talking to you that you have a big fear of being alone.
It actually holds you back in a lot of ways.  Maybe not now, but it defined some of the biggest turning points in your life,
but that is awesome cause that means I can completely understand you and where you are coming from.“

(you know as I write this I am realizing how this does not really come across in writing, but you really have gotta see the delivery to see how simple the delivery can be)

Now, there is a lot more going on than just a simple Ladder, but you let me know if you can figure it out.   There are all sorts of compliance switches in it as well.
You still can see how much this actually leads you to a pretty Advanced Bond with someone Instantly!

Watch the Video and look over this post and go out there and try the mechanics of it.
This is one of the first times someone has actually broken down a technique of Cold Reading on video and a First in terms of this Level of Seduction.
If you want to evolve this thing, then it takes effort and communication.

And if you want to learn how to implement these techniques and more so you can master them yourself take a look at my Instant Attraction Seminars right here in Austin all Summer Long…

Gotta love it…


Steve MayedaThe Basics of a Cold Read Ladder


  1. Vlad

    Steve this is really interesting stuff
    I had to that a black eye you got there? :p

  2. Ace

    Dude cold reading is one of the most powerful ways to frame control girls. I don’t understand why its so overlooked. Hey El, you should write a little e-book on cold reading.

  3. lofi

    This information is awesome. Your explanation is indepth and clear. Your performance is golden- the delivery seems a little nervous or fidgety, but comes across as totally authentic and not like something you say to girls everyday.

    Would love to see a bunch of transcripts of coldreads that you’ve done for different emotions or parts of identity. A few more varied examples would probably help people to start to be able to do this on their own.
    I’ll be trying this tonight!

    Thanks so much

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