So there are a few announcements coming up, but the main one took a backseat yesterday and I am glad it did.

I just got off the phone with Dream from the Under 21 Convention
Before that Gone Savage (check out their blogs by Clicking on their names).

Today I have been working like a mofo, writing like crazy.
The past few days, even weeks, and months I have been fortunate enough to pull in some pretty good business.   I mean it is better than it has ever been, and I don’t have a bunch off crazy marketing machines working for me (in fact every marketer I know tells me I suck at marketing)

I am very appreciative of that, but you get caught up in it.

One thing about talking with the long list of people I have met through the community is they can set you straight.

I have always put myself out there, I like to put myself out there, and in doing so I over extend myself constantly…that same obsessive compulsion is what also made me good at game.  It is also responsible for a laundry list of defects of character as well, but I suppose it does have some good points too.

When talking to Savage, we relate on a lot of levels…I was talking to him while walking through Dallas talking about the community, travel and personal changes (whether those are forced or we decided upon them).  I walked out of that conversation thinking,
‘man here is a guy (Gone Savage), that has been a figure in the community from before The Game, and he never wanted anything…never was money hungry, was hardcore tenacious with women, went up and down the moral slide and has still come out with his own self defined’.   It made me remember that this is a community, people should not compete so much and learn to help each other out.

Then on the Phone with Dream…the 2 of us were supposed to record some audio for the Under 21 Convention, and then we just started talking.
I have known Dream for about a year, and I don’t talk to him enough.  He’s a young dude and Idealistic as fuck.
There isn’t enough of that…that is what I liked so much about Doc Holliday (RIP), but after talking to him it made me want to take a break from my stack writing (sorry guys who are waiting) and sit down and write this.

Obviously this is a business for me.
But people in this community let money define what they do.

Whenever I get off the phone with guy like them it makes me know why I am in this is to help people.  There are a bunch of business changes coming up for me, and a big part in talking to Dream and Gone Savage put things in perspective again, and gets me excited to have all you guys reading my blog and being on my list.   That is my Primary Purpose
I hope not to disappoint you…
As always I want to give you all that I can give, so send me and email with what would help you the most.  (

I want to know…who know maybe we might make friends….
Just ask Capo from the Tucson Lair, we recorded an Audio Lair talk, Chicago too…
The talk is great and I will post a highlight track soon.   The whole Lair Talk will go out to my list…

So if you are not already GET ON THE LIST!

But for now guys, keep my ass in check send me an email!
I reply to all my emails…may take me a while, but I read them all!

Hope to hear from you all soon.


ET (back to the stacks)