What is the end goal for you in the Seduction Industry?

I will start this off by saying, I love my job. I think being good with women is a necessary tool for men to have. I also think being a good man is the best way to ‘get good with women’. The PUA industry was my first main step in this process and it changed my life, ultimately for the best.  However there is a problem…a lot of them.


The Problem –

The industry is marketed to you in all ranges (All the way from being a good guy with some charm to learning the secret tricks to force women to worship you and obey your sexual commands), yet most of it produces men who don’t get better with women or even become happy.  The industry can market so hard it exploits sex, seduction, men and their pocket books.   Most men exit the industry frustrated after investing time, money and belief in something that makes them less confident, more confused and worse with women and uncomfortable with sex.


The Need – Every Man & Woman Needs Sex

We all need sex, why not be good at it and even good at getting it?  There are many reasons why we should be learning how to get better with women.

  • Sex is good,
  • Sexual adventure
  • Pleasing a woman
  • Getting into a relationship

Everyman should know what it is like to have a fulfilling time in his life with women, and have a resource to find that.  This should be the Seduction/PUA/Dating Industry – The Industry falls short of this, in my opinion.

I think that resource should be for – 

  • Men who are successful in their lives already and want to get better with women
  • Men who have no social skills get better social skills
  • Men who have no experience with women learn to get better with women
  • Men who want to build a fulfilling lifestyle


The Search for Answers – 

There is a great need for an outlet to help men become better men and be good with women.   This can mean getting better with women, sex and life.  In fact I personally believe it is impossible to get better with women without getting better with life.  I want to know what you think the right answer is for all this.

The Inspiration for this post –
This weekend I was out teaching in Austin with one of my 1-on-1 clients. We came across a PUA workshop from a major company. This company my client had hired and invested over $10,000 in. Of that he said they made him worse and have a poor perspective on himself and woman. He talked to the assistant instructor for a bit and we went on their way. I felt bad for the clients that had paid this company, they consistently get poor feedback from whoever I hear who has hired them. So I posted this comment on facebook –

“There is no problem with men wanting to meet women and have better sex lives, but when I run into a PUA workshop in downtown Austin I feel sad and embarrassed that one of the forces of human nature has turned into such a joke…that costs a lot of money”

This erupted into massive dispute on facebook that turned into some slamming article on me as well as a few threads on facebook that are hundreds of comments long.

I personally thought the whole thing was funny.  The personalities that come out of PUA threads can be hilarious; however in reading the comments you see that  –

  1. There is a problem with the industry’s general message
  2. A desire for more than the old PUA standard of ‘skills to get women’
  3. People want to be happy and live a good life rather than just be good with women

I have been involved in the PUA community since 2005 and started teaching in 2007. I have done everything the PUA community would consider to be good with women and taught many men the same, but none of it made myself or my clients happy.  However I have found happiness in women and life outside of that ‘Industry definition’.  Despite many adversities I have found a great deal of freedom in life, sex, seduction and everything else life can be.

Fortunately there are some good guys out there (and have been around the longest as well) – Hypnotica, Zan, Johnny Soporno and a few others, but no one else seems to produce a group of men that actually are functional in life let alone good with women.  In my entire teaching career this has been my only goal and the only result I consider success – A man is good with women, comfortable with sex and lives a good life.


What I Need From You –

I want to know what this industry should be?  Write me a comment with what you think needs to happen.  What do you want to learn from the Seduction/PUA/Dating Industry?  Here are a few starter ideas…but give me your 2 cents!


man confidentGoal 1 – Be a Better Man –

The best way to get a ‘10’ in your life is to live as a ‘10’. Don’t fake it!  Have the best life, lifestyle that is a complete expression of yourself. This means that it isn’t just your skill set to meet women is a set of techniques, it means that skill set is your entire life. You’re a total man and as a result you’re successful in many venues including women.


man-womanGoal 2 – Get Laid –

This simply means learn how to get laid more, have more sex, and be better at meeting women. This seems to be the main message of the PUA industry, and there is nothing wrong with the message at all if they did it right.  Many men have no problem in their life. They are already successful and want to learn from a professional seducer some extra tips on getting better with women. There also might be men with no experience with women who just can only think about getting laid. I firmly believe that it is a good thing for all men to have a part of their life be a sexual adventure.

adventure image1Goal 3 – Build a Lifestyle –

Some men want to be better with women as a refection to build a good lifestyle. Many men what to know what it is like to live a life that has all the ‘cool stuff’. Hangout with the best women, be respected in all environments and go to the best parties. This can also simply mean that men might want to just do what they like. For instance, work from home, go and exercise when I want, and hangout at cafes with good friends.

Those are just a few examples. As much as I love spending time looking at what is wrong with the Seduction industry, I want to know what can truly be offered to you living the best life…

Leave a Comment – Give Me Your Answers!

  • What do you want from this Industry?
  • What information is helpful?
  • What type of product or service would you like?


Word –

Steve Mayeda