It is hard to imagine what my life was like 7 years ago…

I never knew I’d be traveling the world, meeting the women of my dreams and having the experiences of my life.  

Who knew my life would be a greater adventure than I ever could have imagined

In An Ideal World

It is everyone’s absolute right to live a Social and Sexual life.

That doesn’t just mean getting laid or being able to talk to girls, ‘opening sets’.

That is a starving mans mentality when it comes to sexuality.


Sexuality is an exchange and to be blunt the only people you should be having sex with are the people that want to have sex with you.


That means it is not just who you want to have sex with, but to know what it is like to feel the other person’s desire, urges and entire sexual being want you.


Everyone should feel this…

Every man should know what it is like to have a woman desire you with her body

Every man should know what it is like to have a woman desire you with her emotions

Every man should know that part of being a Man, a Sexual Man, is to have a woman want you in the most intense way she has ever felt.

This is what happens when you use Instant Sexual Connection.

Instant Sexual Connection is a way of teaching that engages a woman on all levels.  Physically, emotionally and it is a connection you feel.

There is a different motivation and drive, a natural masculine drive when woman gets turned on right in front of you.


The Problem  – The Fear is Greater than the Vision


In the past few years I have demanded and strived to live the best possible life.

My life is an orchestration of Family, Travel, Women and Experience.

Living the dream – my dream – had more to do with how I learned than anything else.

I needed a method of learning that would not only guide me, but allow me to experience my full potential.

If you want to be your Best Self you need to know that vision.

If I’m going to live the Sexual Life I need to know what that means for me.

We fear the pains of change and transformation

We fear the failure so we cloud our vision and accept mediocrity.


True Growth = Real Pain

Fear of Pain = No Growth


If there is one thing I know about pain,

It has been at the turning point of every great moment of my life.


If you want to be the best (meaning live your best possible life) you can’t run from the pain growth, exploration and true transformation might bring.


At my biggest points of desperation I often times look at my life through a cloud of anger, confusion, neediness and chaos.   It is in times like this where I develop the willingness to look for an answer.  It is ‘that solution’ that in many ways that becomes my pathway to success.


Where I Need Your Help (Email me ASAP)


If you know me at all I am a perfectionist!  (In fact I would never call myself that because nothing is ever perfect, but believe me I try).


I have been working on a method of teaching that has been in development for the past 3 years (you cold even say 7)

It is an evolution, or a hybrid of sorts.

I know that if you want real change, you need to have a flawless outline.

I know that you also need to experience success to get real success!

You can’t just theorize about achieving a level of Sexuality, you need to experience your Ultimate Sexual Potential to drive further on to your right path.


This is where I sought out some help

and I need more.


Nick Rogue – 

I needed a way to truly reach people with a Seduction Guru who was on my level and I could trust.   This is where Nick Rogue from comes into play.


My Top 10 – 

I needed to painstakingly interview my top 10 Students of all time.  I mean guys who have worked with me throughout my 6 year career in this.  Guys who could run circles around 95% of all gurus.


I Need You – 

But to be honest I am stuck in a bit or a rut.

I don’t want to keep putting this method of teaching off, because it doesn’t help anybody if it is simply sitting on my computer all day.

It needs to be in Your Heads being PUT TO USE!

I am forming an Experimental Group!

In exchange for your feedback, critique and even criticism (who knows what might go wrong…software, scheduling, platforms for our training programs…etc)

We will give you 50% off the cost of the final course.


If you’re *potentially* interested in partaking in this group shoot me an email – click  here and let me know you’re interested. 

At this point, I’m not looking for commitments (hell, I haven’t even told you exactly what “Instant Sexual Connection” IS or what the price will be)…

Just say “I’m interested” so I can gauge general interest.

I have no clue what the interest will be, but if you and enough others are interested, then you’ll receive more details in the next few days.



Steve Mayeda