Sept 4, 2011


Bratslava, Slovakia



Today we made it to Slovakia.

Dead tired


In a seemingly permanent haze


The last few nights in Prague have been nonstop.

When you work on these workshops you pull 12-15 hour days.

Everything blends into one, and you forget that only 2 days ago you just met these people you’re on a long adventure with.


Night after night you get 2-5 hours of sleep.

It gets pretty exhausting.


If there was one thing that I could write about Prague it was last night, or early this morning.


I was walking back to the apartments around 3am with some of the guys.

They were asking a lot of questions about some of the different ideas I have towards seduction, women, men and so on.

One thing people need to know as a truth is

–       The expectation that humanity, love, sex and friendships cannot be controlled by a system.  That is the beauty of humanity.  No matter what you do or how much you plan or hone a technique it will never work out the way you planned.


The very most we can do is learn ways to assert ourselves more, so that other people can connect.   This goes for all things.   Sex, relationships and your life…


It is on workshops like this that I realize how much of a different direction I have taken.

We made it onto one of the main drags in Prague…

Sausage stands,  African men trying to get you into the brothels, drug dealers and the street walkers (prostitutes).


I told the guys I wanted to hangout here for a while.

For the past 2 days I have been in and out of clubs, facilitating drills and so on.

These are things I don’t generally do, nor do I have much fun in clubs.

But for some odd reason I love the underbellies of societies.  There is truth in them.


The guys were tired from 2 long days, and I was myself.  But for the first time in the last 2 days I was feeling awakened by the city.  I could explore it, I could see what the afterhours of Prague had to offer me.


We all walked back to the apartments, continuing our talk.


I parted with the group and went into my flat.

I went to the bathroom, changed my shit, and got ready for bed, when I heard heavy breathing from the other room.


Then I heard the moaning of a woman.

I then realized my flat mate had brought home the girl he was talking to in the club an hour earlier.


I put on my jeans and headed back to the square.

I was tired, but I wanted to see more.


When I got to the square it was about 4am and the streets had thinned even more.

Now the guys hustling you into the brothels had diminished.

Just me, the food vendors, loud belligerent drunks, men standing in shadows and the girls walking the streets trying to get the drunk passing men to buy their pussies for 15mins.


I kept walking slowing down the street.  I am the most relaxed I have been in the past few days.

I love this life…it is like walking down the set of a Maxin Gortky production, but with flashing lights everywhere.

The Lower Depths, has always felt like home to me.


I continued to walk and saw a prostitute solicit some passers by, so I decided I would lean up against a tree and watch.   Something good always comes from sorts of things.


Two German men started talking to her, she invited them to sit with her.

Within a few mins she started yelling down the street for her friend.

She was very attractive, darker skinned, beautiful body.

Her friend came running down the street…

She was not so attractive


The German men then cut their loses and walked off.

The other prostitute eventually walked off and left the original one to work her corner.


She sat across from me on the ledge of a Starbucks.


Then she came closer to me and sat on a bench.  She was listening to music on she phone’s speaker.  It was Turkish music.


She didn’t know what to make of me, but eventually she looked over and said,

“where are you from?”


“I have heard that one before.”


She then said, “You want sex?”


“No, I am good.”


“So where are you from, the USA?”


I said, “Yes, from Texas.”


You are sure you don’t want sex, a blow job?”


I said, “No really I’m good. So what, you’re not making any money, how come, you’re hot.”


“I know it is a crap night.”


“Something will come along.”


She then walked up to me.   As she got closer her sexiness that she had forma  distance turned to a sadness.


I said, “Are you Turkish?”


“No I am from Prague.”


“But you like Turkish music?”


“I like Arabic music, but I am from Prague.”


I just figured she was from Prague at that point, but then she turned to me getting closer,

“How do you know I am Turkish?”


“Lucky guess, I know a lot of women who do what you do, but in the US.”


“Is that why you don’t want sex?”


“I don’t need sex like that.  I only like sex if I am connected to someone, do you understand?”


“You should want sex from me I am good for you.   You seem nice.  I have to go work.”


She went back to the Starbucks, I smoked more cigarette.


In a few mins, some really short fat women comes up to me and asks me for a cigarette.  She presses her breasts up against me and says,

“Sucky sucky, for you.”


Somehow, every prostitute around the world will use this line.


I tell her, “No thanks, I’m good.”

I can’t imagine anyone paying for her, but I guess people have fetishes.


She asks me for a cigarette,

I pull one out.

She puts her hand on my dick, then one on my pocket.

I grab her hand on my pocket and smile.


“Nice try, now get out of here.”


Almost immediately the previous prostitute comes over and starts yelling at the short and fat one.  They are yelling at each other in Turkish I presume.  They get really heated.

I pimp comes over and takes the short and fat one away.

It is all in slow motion, the mix of no sleep, and the mood of 5am Prague puts a surreal filter on everything.

The prostitute I had been talking to earlier turns to me and says,

“You cannot trust this woman.  She is a bad person, you are a nice man.”

Another prostitute comes over to also warm me about this woman.  This is truly a kodak moment…

“Thanks” I say.


“Why do you stay here.  You like this area?”


“It is my last night here, I have to leave in a few hours.  I have been working the whole time and no time to myself.  Plus I like all of this.”


“I need to make money, this is to slow for this night.”


“Yeah, if I wanted sex, I would definitely want it with you, but I don’t like sex with prostitutes.”


“See you are a nice man, I like this.”


She was a very small girl, probably 26 or 27.


“Are your breasts real?”  They seemed too large for her frame, not enormously big, but if they were real, she would be blessed.


“Of course they are, I am Turkish.”


“You’re lying.”


“Try me” she challenged back


I reached over and touched her breast.  They were fake.


“See you are a liar.”


“You are a strange man, but I can tell you’re good.”


“How many clients do you have a night?”


“You should not ask this question to a girl.”


“No, I want to know.  You get many men?”


“Tonight is slow it is not good.  But I need 2 more.  Can you give me luck?”


“Where is your pimp?”


“I don’t have one, why do you ask so many questions?”


“You’re lying again.”


“You ask too much.  Why do you do this?  You need to please help me, give me some luck.”


“Sure, good luck.”


She then told me, “No you need to give me something, 50 Koruna, or 10, something to get me something.  You will see.  You give me and then a man will women.  It works this way.”


“Here” I reach in my pocket and pull out a coin, 20 Koruna (about $1 USD)


“Ok, thank you.  You will see the men will take me now.  Stand and watch.”


She goes back to the Starbucks.

I stay near the tree.


I smoke


Groups of Brits and drunken men stagger by…

“Blowjob, all of you.”

“You want sex.”

“Come here, you want fuck for the night.”

She says to all the passers by.


After about, 5 mins a group of 4 drunk British men stop.  In about a min she agrees to an arrangement.   Her and 4 men walk off.

She turns and yells back to me,

“You see -I am not a liar”


I just laugh to myself.

Probably one of my most peaceful nights in Prague, go figure.


I walk back to the apartment, about a 10 min walk.

As I am waling I think about the dynamic.  I am so comfortable talking about sex with sex workers.  I thought to myself, touching her breast had absolutely nothing sexual about it, but talking to her and for a moment feeling her real self through the wall she keeps up so high was more sexual that most of the interactions I had with people.  Many years ago I might have considered that sex…but that action is empty, and because of it I can connect

Sex is more than an act

Seduction is more than a process

and Sexuality is more than what you think you like.

There is a life to all of this.  A making of love that needs to be done to the world.  There is a humanity to it.

Intimacy is forgotten, for the the act of sex rather than the experience of it.


When walking up to the apartment I see 2 dark figures in a corner.

It looks like they are having sex in some bizarre drug deal.

I get closer, and they see me and I can see them more clearly.

They are young, they seem happy…they look at me smile and walk off into the night.


I then see my friend’s head hanging outside of the window smoking a cigarette.

I hear a woman shouting, “Welcome to Prague!”


I then see it is from a stark naked woman sitting on the windowsill that I also loved to smoke out of and my friend.

It was one of those things…

You’re tired, you’re thinking in your head and the mysteries of the world are starting to connect in your thoughts…then there is a naked woman with beautiful breast just 1 meter above you shouting with the joys of having a random great sexual adventure on a night in Prague.


I got into the apartment and my friend came out and told me…

“Just before you came up this couple saw us fucking in the window and started wanking each other off, right in the street…I couldn’t believe it.”


I said, “Man!  I saw them!  They were just around the corner having sex.  I thought it was some fucked up hooker drug deal, but as soon as I saw their faces I knew they were just having this great sexual experience.”


He said, “I gotta sleep, but I don’t think I am with this girl.  You might have to put on your headphones.”


I put on my headphones.  I didn’t get to sleep for another 2 hours.

They definitely kept me up.


Lucky girl.

2 hours of sleep and we were getting in the van to Bratislava.