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Now for the Lost Articles-

So a short while ago my computer crashed.
(RIP Macbook, you made it through 2.5 years and 16 countries in a backpack…good work.)

In any case, It farted out completely, and most of my stuff was backed up, but I lost a decent amount.

This actually turned out to be a good thing cause it forced me to reorganize EVERYTHING!
I have not yet accomplished this task or reorganization completely, but it allowed me to find some pretty interesting articles that I wrote and never really posted.
In fact I included some of them in my old versions of theREDstack.

For now I wanted to post about them and write about them a little more for readers of  my Blog.

Setting your Roots and Building Frames off of Them

(this was originally written to explain how you build up to Frames for people who bought my first version of theREDstack.  I added some revisions to it to clear some things up and elaborate on it.
What is important in this is that you can use these ideas anywhere.  Once you learn not only how to use frames but how to BUILD up to them then you will be able to master any conversation.  Doesn’t matter if it is for Seduction or even just to build a quick connection.)

If you are working with the tool of framing, it is always good to have something that you can put its roots into, and have it grow.

In any conversation that I have with someone I am attracted to…
-I want to stimulate emotion, identity, or sexuality (EIS)
-Define that emotion, identity or sexuality
-Gain Compliance for it

The stories I use from my life are actually the ground that I set those roots in.
What I listed above is the rhythm or pattern I use.  EIS works well cause it works DEEP with everyone.   It will hook hard and influence people in ways you could never of imagined.

Here is an example of how I could see this working in a conversation you can have with someone.  I would look this over and try it, but DON’T LOOK at the Specifics, look at the Pattern on Rhythm more than anything.  You need to see specific routines like Training Wheels…you’re going to take them off eventually.

Example of this Pattern with Breakdown
(To really practice this recite it, don’t just memorize it.  Do what an actor does, work on your delivery)

From an Opener-  (I prefer AFC style openers, they are easier to make this pattern work)
Hey can I ask you something?
Wait a minute, you I can’t ask you this…how old are you?

(this is a huge example of how integrating Bait into your opener will make your openers stick beyond any opener that you might have had before.  Or just simply adding Bait to your current Operners will make them stick super hard.  The bait here is the immediate denial then adding a simple qualifier on to the back end of it.)
Ok so I am pretty sure you will understand this, but I can tell that you have had some pretty rocky relationships.  Or you can attract some pretty interesting people in your life.
(this is just defining the Bait you put in there.  What it is defining the Bait towards is to a part of their Persona.  Interesting side note here is that you are insinuating that she Attracts Crap.  A huge part of a Woman’s identity is what she is capable of attracting.  It would be like if someone said to you, “You are successful but you can’t seem to every perform well at a job”  or  “you are someone who actually really can always get a girlfriend, but you have trouble keeping them satisfied.”  Those statements are kind of like Negs with an identity attached to it all.   So you are stimulating IMMEDIATELY Push Pull with things that actually HOOK HARD- EIS.

Then ask something that is leveraging in the direction you want to move in.
What percentage of men actually know how to please a woman?
So you’re going sexual here, and it might hook, but you are going to cold read and step back just to be safe.
Ok so I can tell you’re nervous, but the reason why I am asking is cause I have heard a few different answers but most men actually answer the question different then women, but I think that you will have an interesting take on it.

What is interesting here is that you are just bringing up something sexual and interesting, but what makes it work better is saying ‘you will have an interesting take on it’.  The reason why this is important is cause you will be able to link to a part of them.

Actually if you have a few moments, you remind me of something, come here for a second….

At this point you have enough compliance to isolate and move them.

At this point I would begin trying to ground.
There might be a need for some banter, but try for the ground.   The ground is really the  important thing if you want your frames to hook hard.  Just like in the above, I would practice reciting stories like this to get the meaning of them, rather than just trying to memorize them.   Delivery is key.)

‘You know just talking to you made me think of this… earlier today I was cleaning out my house (room, car, whatever) and I came upon this old painting that my friend had done for me in Hawaii.
I bet you are someone who has that sort of thing happen all the time.

(this last line is somewhat of a ‘check-in’ and it is really there to reengage them.  If I were practicing I would try and get to the check-in point  first then continue focusing on more. Using a check-in will always be useful when someone’s attention dips in a conversation.)

It is one of those things that I always forget I have, then you see it and it totally makes you think of a certain moment.  And it is so real it always surprises me.  You know what I mean?

Actually come here for a second (this is another break point for you.  Just to get used to it, I would try moving someone around this time.  It is also a good goal to achieve., moving someone 2 times in 3-5mins.   Also if you get to this point in a conversation, the conversation will carry itself.  It really will work itself into where you need it to go.  I would say that you should still learn the rest to work itself in, but don’t force it.  That is the hard part about practicing Rapport, cause it takes longer to manifest itself then practicing Attraction)

I think you might really understand something like this, but I am not sure.  I am not sure if you are more visual or you learn in other ways?
(this is just to reengage and add in bait before the story hits)

Like sometimes I will be walking around and I will catch the fragrance of something and it will immediately bring me back to my childhood, and even if I tried to remember those things it could not be that vivid.
You’ve felt something like that right?

So when I saw this painting it brought me back to that time in my life where I first realized what I was going to do with my life.  Like in that one moment I felt that ambition, that drive that passion, that freedom that was going to take me to where I needed to be.  I knew I was going to be there.
It is like when you’re a little kid and you want something really bad and you feel it with every part of your body.
But I love it when things like that happen, because it reminds me of the things that made me.
Sometimes I get so caught up in work and the end result I forget how all the best things in my life came to me by letting go and just turning it over.  And starting to see life whatever comes my way a part of the path, rather than an obstacle.’

This is a pretty intense ground.  You could do a lot with it.  The main thing is you have defined your identity and your emotions.  This will allow any frame you link to that to completely take over.
You can go anywhere with her here.  Let’s say you grew up religious and now you’re not, but you want to bring in a story about how you’ve walked a road where you’ve brought together your present and your past to define you.  And you’re not ashamed to talk about your religious up bringing and how it shaped you.

You can say something like this…

‘You know when I was cleaning up my house today I noticed this old book my father gave me, and he was a preacher.  But my whole family was preachers so that’s what I wanted to be.  And in this book it was like one of those things where for that split second you are taken back in time.  It is like I can see and hear and smell everything and it is there forever… and then its gone.   Just in an instant all that happens.    It is like I am 6 years old again.   You probably have something like that right?
But I love it when that happens, cause it reminds me of who I am.  I mean I used to be ashamed of being raised so religious, because I broke from it a long time ago.  But now, I take it for what it is, it is a part of me.  And that’s how life should be.
When you make a mistake, it may hurt, you may screw yourself over but those black eyes and scares are the beauty we forget to look at.

They’re the most important things usually, cause that is how we learn to change.  I bet your biggest moments in life that truly define you came from experiences like that.

Okay, so you might be thinking these are great comfort stories, and they are, but they are more than that…

First, they set the root.  They are so emotionally intense, right away, that she will grab onto some part.  This is why during the story you always should state (not ask) ‘you know what I mean’, ‘you have felt that before’ little statements to force investment.
So then there is a nostalgic emotion. That emotion is empowered in your outcome of a human being.  This is important, because later you’re going to do that with her childhood emotions, and they will have a similar outcome as yours.
Which brings us to your outcome…

Your out come can be whatever, but what I do is create an image of myself being someone who has been shaped for the better by walking forward on the road- so to speak.  I live life and take chances, if I feel something I go for it. And I have felt the pain of fucking up but it is worth it.
This will work great if you want to have a non-judgmental frame put out there later.
And that emotion you have rooted to yourself can grow in her as well right along with that frame.

So let’s say you ask her what she was like when she was a child…
You answer is …

‘I can totally see that in you.  Not at first, but now it makes sense.’

Empower with a cold read,

‘I mean when we first started talk I didn’t’ really notice anything specific about you, but then you kind of peaked my interest.   You have much more depth than people give you credit for.  I bet you get taken for granted, especially in relationships.  I can see that there has been a lot that’s shaped you, probably more than most people can understand.’

Again sounds like comfort, but there is more.  You have now used a cold read to justify everything you are vaguely noticing about her.  Like how she is like you in having ‘experiences’ shape her.  And she has something inside that she keeps protected, that later will become her wild passionate side, also the side that loves to be detached, experimental, and of course sexual.

So what you need to do then is take that emotional root and turn it into a feeling you two are having…

Now don’t forget, this is deep comfort quite fast so you have to stimulate attraction and do mini take aways.

‘God, I don’t meet people like this!  But it is like one of those things, you know when you meet some one and it is just good to feel that way.
Human interaction can be one of the most beautiful things in the world.  I remember I used to hate it because I would hate how superficial people would make it.  I was very pessimistic and the people around me would always comment on how negative and critical I was.  I mean you know how it can get, when everything just rubs you the wrong way.
But then my cousin, told me one day, ‘You know (insert name) it is not you that hates the things around you, you just love them so much you hate to see them how they are.’

And it made sense to me.
And so I had to them let go of those things in me holding me back.  And then I can allow myself to feel.  And I can sit here and have a conversation with a total stranger and feel everything it is supposed to be.’
Now I realize this is some heavy shit.  But here is something about delivery, just say it like it is a normal thing to say.  Don’t try and act it out.  Just say it matter of fact, like you were talking to someone you know really well.

No need to be intense.

The thing with this style of comfort is that, you need to frame it really how you want it.  There are enough attraction switches in this to maintain attraction, but comfort can move too quick and heavy, so you have got to do those little takeaways in comfort.
And lead with state breaks, then take them back to it.

This allows a girl to merge multiple feelings towards you and this is how you can escalate quickly, but you have to manage and give a role for each of those emotions.
Do you want that emotion to root in the ‘love’ area, or do you want it to root in the ‘spontaneous’ area.  But that is up to you.  Just know, spontaneous can turn into love down the road if you want it to.  But love can’t turn into spontaneous.

Questions-Comments….Just ask