The paradigm has shifted…

In order to have the best sexual life you need to know how to get sexual.
We spend all this time making the façade, building the theory and skill set to meet women, however we are forgetting the key element and that is we want to be Sexual Beings.

As a good friend of mine Jason Savage once said,
“the best way to learn about how to be seductive is to get sexual as quick as possible.”

This is where we begin to learn about Instant Sexual Connection. This is a new style of application and learning that will help you grow as well as motivate yourself to different levels of connection with women.

1) Not only will you be utilizing better techniques of Stimulating Sexual Urges while cultivating an Emotional Map, you will be building a bridge that is so strong you won’t believe it.  
2) You will also be going for the women You want and they will be attracted to the real You.

These are 2 very unique qualities that that will absolutely change your learning curve from a guy with some good material and skill set to
Being the Man who is good with women.

Seduction = Freedom
Your path on learning to be that Seducer is one where you will discover the real you, the man who you’ve always known you could become…living your ideal.



5 SEATS LEFT – Starts Monday 5pm PST




Steve Mayeda