I need your help – 

I want to know your feedback on this.  On Sunday I am going to release my first 30 Day Lifestyle Challenge.  I want to know what you think.  I want to know what will get you involved.  I want to know what you would like to see?




You Deserve This –

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Before we get into the details I want you to know that if you’re not living the best possible life, you need to know you deserve to.  This is more important than your ability, situation and even hope.  You need to know that all those things are dependent upon you knowing you deserve to be the best expression of yourself.   If you have an excuse for living anything less than your best I guarantee you there is an answer out there proving you wrong.


When I started the sexual life my goal wasn’t to have a company showcasing my life but a company that empowered people in a way they never thought possible.   I did this because I believed that no matter what your life has encountered you can live your best life.  However, it is one thing for me to believe it…I need you to believe it.


I, like you, have had many hurdles in my life.  They trip me up and make me fall all the time.  Many I have not been able to make it over the top.  This doesn’t mean I cannot find happiness and live the best expression of myself.  If anything my life has proven that success and failure can both experience happiness, and success is only success if I’m happy when I achieve it.


You Deserve This – Let’s Do It!



What is the 30 Day Lifestyle Challenge?


30daylifestyleCOVERThe 30 Day Lifestyle Challenge is not a quick fix.

It is a proposal to try and new way of life for 30 Days.

Everyone has 30 Days to commit to something.  You have it in you.


I will consult and work with one of the world’s leading Experts to come up with a 30 Day Plan of Change.  It will be geared to have you live a better life.


The Goal of the 30 Day Lifestyle Challenge is to take healthy and active steps into a new way of life.   A way of life takes time to build cultivate and work.  If you’re alive you need to always maintain it.  The 30 Day Lifestyle Challenge should help us reach that ideal lifestyle.


This Sunday I am going to announce my first Challenge to the public.  A challenge I want you to do with me.   It will be the beginning of a process that will show you how to change on a level that you never thought possible.   Every 30 Days I am going to start a new Challenge to myself and others.


Change is Personal – Invest in You


The Challenge will have nothing to do with money.

It will have nothing to do with ideology.

It will have nothing to do with needing a hero or lowering yourself to anyone.

It only has to do with the idea that you can make a major change in your life and the truest form of change comes from the self.

If you’re ready to commit.

Then let’s do it!


The Focus 

There are many ways to improve one’s self.  I am going to keep it simple for myself in terms of what I focus on.


The Body – Health, Diet and Fitness

The Mind – Perspective, Mentality and Happiness

Your Lifestyle – How we live life. Our Work, Hobbies and Purpose.

Your Sex Life – Our Sex life, Sexual Perspective and Health


All of these categories of focus merge within another, and we will find that they will connect to a centralized lifestyle that integrates all aspects of yourself.  Although the Physical might be the main focus your lifestyle will encompass it, effecting your work, mentality, lifestyle and sex.


The Standard 

As one of the world’s best coaches in my field for the better part of a decade I have built standards for my clients personal development and my own.


I have always taken an approach of openness when if comes to working with others.  However, there are a few things that I want to keep as standards of the 30 Day Challenges.


1 – The Best –I want to work with the Best Experienced Experts .  All change is going to come from you; however, I know that there is a big difference from taking advice from an experienced expert who has taught many people with a track record of results than a hobbyist that may have gotten great results for himself.


2 – A Resource – The 30 Day Lifestyle Challenge I want to be a resource that shows different approaches to personal change from different experts.  I want it to share information with the public and I want it to share motivation.  To access the information and challenges should always be free.  This is because real change is only going to come from you.  People should be able to see exactly what I we have done for 30 days and have the motivation to make the changes themselves.


3 – Its Personal – You need to invest you.  Financial investment, investment of time or other sacrifices will mean nothing if you have not committed with yourself.  I am not making this public so that you can passively dip your feet in the water.  I believe that all people, you included can make a massive difference in your life.  If you’re that guy, then do it.  The only way you’re going to experience your action into fulfillment is if it has all of you involved in it.  You need to be the man that does the action, achieve the goal and walks that path of life.



I want a Team – Help a brother Out!

Is this something you’d do with me?  


I need you, I need motivation.  I am doing this for me, but man, nothing motivates me like working with others.


On Sunday when I put out my plan for the 30 Day Challenge is it something you might want to do?  I am going to make it easy…


I am getting you an expert.  I am getting you a plan. And the information will be out there for free. That means there is no excuse.  If you’re looking to make a change, it is time to do it.  If you’re not ready then just be honest with yourself.  You’re simply not ready.  But if you are, let me know what you think.  What would you like to see?  What would help you be motivated?


Also what would you like to see as the first Focus?

  • The Physical
  • The Mentality
  • The Lifestyle
  • The Sexual


I have 2 Challenges I am going over.  I am definitely leaning more towards one than the other.  What would motivate you?

Leave your comments!  I always reply – Let me know you’re with me in this!