Hey Folks,

I have gotten a huge amount of emails regarding the customized routine stacks I do.
So here is kind of the thing with them.

They are custom routines that go form open to close.
They are personalized to fit your life and to make you (not some BS facade) look attractive.
I work in about 6-8 routines per stack.
It is about 30 mins of material.
And it is designed to have your frames and comfort all built in.
Your transitions are explained and put right into the stack.

Before I do the stack I have you call me and fill out a profile of yourself.
This is my foundation for building it
Then after the stack is done, we talk on the phone again and go over delivery and how you can work the stack to your advantage.

There is a post form last month called The RED Stack ( http://the-red-mole.blogspot.com/2007/09/red-stack.html ), where I really break it down well.
The thing is that I the stack is new routines, that are based on your life.
You get to be yourself and show the best parts about you, while following a concrete seduction model.

If you’re interested in getting one done, they take about a week
so just email me and we’ll get started!