Sept 1, 2011

Prague, Czech Rep


The past few days have been surreal


The last 2 days I have been a dream.

It was only 48 hours and feels like a week…maybe a lifetime.

It is hard to let go of these moments.


I spent one day swimming in the beautiful public baths in Bad Voslau, running through the forests of Austria, entered a ‘fun house’ (“this is a place where you have to have skills”), consumed a kilo of meat…and the next day I went on a road trip to Prague.


When you hang out with the right people all of your actions turn into experiences.


You feel these things while being on the road.


In Austin, I still have some amazing experiences, but I am attached to so much there.

Sitting on a balcony in the cool air of the Austrian morning the world seems big again.

I can definitely take the simple beauties of life for granted while being at home.

It is a sad reality that I have to travel thousands of miles away to realize them.


If there was one thing that I truly value it is the people. Who I am involved with is the one thing that I allow myself to shape me.

In my life I have had many spiritual experiences, but many times the purest spiritual experience is one person talking to another.


It is a simple act and we give it up so we can try and have what we think is reality.


Today I am in Prague, a beautiful city.

I have never been here before, and it is humbling.   I have explored very little, but you can see how much history there is here.


Prague is very much a tourist city.

I am sharing an Apartment with James Marshall, Johny Koops, and Sasha.  We are all working together on James’ Euro Tour workshop.


I have already found my favorite place of the apartment…a windowsill looking over an empty cobblestone street.


I sit there and smoke a cigarette.

I don’t usually smoke, but in Europe it somehow makes sense.


The apartment is an interesting contrast from the environment I had just left in Austria.

There I stayed at my friend’s house, which was neat and orderly.

Here it is like an apartment made for a bachelor.   I love it, but I do miss the cleanliness of the Austrian’s.


It is definitely different here.

The 4 of us, James, Johny and Sasha will begin a 14day workshop traveling through, Czech, Slovakia, Hungry and Croatia.  We will be working non-stop.

I wanted to do this workshop because there are very few people I respect in the industry of dating/seduction/pick up and all 3 of them I feel close to.


Haseeb, my professional poker player friend, is here as well.


Yesterday, when I arrived in Prague I tried to rest as much as possible.

Sleep is tough.  Jetlag is a bitch!


Today we met with the guys who we will be working with.   It is a diverse mix of guys, mostly Australian.  Haseeb and I are the only Americans.


Everyone is excited, everyone is ready for the crazy 14 days ahead of us.


Tonight I took it easy again.

Went out to dinner with the all the guys and ate one of the best steaks I have had in a long time.


Afterwards then rest of the crew ventured off into the streets of Prague.

I took off with Haseeb to see Petrin Hill.   A tower that overlooks the city.

We walked through the city, over crowed with tourist.

Crossed the Vltava river.  Despite all the crowds of tourists taking pictures and clamor of the many different languages being spoken, there is a humbling beauty to it all.


We then made the long hike up to the Petrin Hill, while Haseeb told me about his life and how he misses the girl he had to move away from in the US, and the drama of a poker player.


Once we made it to the tower we opted to walk up its many steps to get to the top rather than the elevator.

There it is quiet.


Overlook the city in silence.


You can’t help but thinking while you’re up there, I don’t want this experience alone.


When talking about the idea of The Sexual Life this is what people don’t get.

People think that sexuality is something larger than life.  They think it is something that somehow fits at the ends of pornography and shame.  We forget to realize that being sexual is simply a part of life.


In life we forget that we need to be ourselves, and get confused with mixing up who we are with an identity that is not us.


We forget that life is not just a series of actions, or a process that we can piece together, but rather the allowance of experience that come from our actions.


We forget that life is not about the results and definitions we sell to one another, but about the purpose and sense of self we develop from our experiences.


If only we thought of sex in this way…

If Sex was more than an action

Seduction more than just a process

And Sexuality was a purpose rather than the definition you build by empty actions.


It is human, it knows no boundaries, there are no rules to it…but you do have to respect it, or like many things if you’re not humble you will be humiliated


I think of this every time I meet someone new.

I think of this every time when I meet a woman who’s beauty is humbling, yet they have never felt like a woman.


Women no longer know what it is to be a woman and a man no longer knows what it is like to feel like a man.


All we are left with is trying to learn how to be alpha, learn how to be dominant…we are made of actions without experience.  Results with no purpose, and a mask that is only covering up who we are.


It is in the quiet and solitude that an answer comes.


Tonight I will go to sleep in my last night of peace for the next 2 weeks.

One day I will learn to relax and take my woman here so that I can experience the peace and silence with her.    Feel at one with the world next to her.


Seduction is like this…slow, quiet, paced and moves with you.

It is so far from how it is presented to us, instead of a refection, it is a broken mirror we try and mend together.


Tonight I love my life, and I am alone