How do you do the Right thing…

Being good with women, means being a Better Man…


all those things can conflict, contradict and confuse you.  This is where we really go to school on this TSL Podcast.

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There are very few times I am in awe of someone and it happens here on this Podcast.

Grandmaster of Life Terrence C gives this legendary Podcast to Mike B and myself.   I previewed this audio to a 45 guys and the overwhelming response was that this was some of the best recordings ever with Terrence and Myself.

My buddy Mike, one of my Natural friends is on.  Mike is one of the more interesting people I have met, and in future podcasts you will get to hear his amazing story of rags to riches.  But for now, this is a hardcore podcast on Women, Life and how a ‘real man’ lives The Sexual Life!

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