Everybody wants to do it but nobody wants to talk about it…

What a friend of mine once told me in a old diner was if you want to get rich in America then sell –

-Sex to men

-Being skinny to women

-Start a religion

-And tell bald men how to grow hair

What is crazy is everyone has been buying sex, we are a culture of commodities and rather than seeing sex as anything normal we see it as a commodity.

What my experience has been in the Dating and Seduction industry is that men are willing to sell who they are and what they are to gain attention from women.  However what you are sold is not ‘attention’ it is sex and validation.

It is not anything that I can really pass judgment on because it is the reality of our culture…but that is how far gone we are.

Men who have accomplished their life goals are willing to listen to an empty culture for direction.   The pride in being a man has nothing to do with doing what you want, but fitting in…that is sad.

How we were all sold on this idea is that we were sold on this idea is because this culture has a deficit of openness and honesty.  Things like socializing and sex are only seen as exaggerations or shame.

An example of this in a Social Life would be

seen in most Dating and Seduction advice revolving around superficialities.  When you look at what they are selling it has more to do with showing a front or ‘owning the club’ or holding some sort of ‘artificial value’.  You need to buy into what society says is ‘cool’ as your first step in attracting women.

This is the least ‘Alpha’ thing you can do.

This is what I mean as an exaggeration of Social behavior.

A shame of social behavior would be the hiding of ‘you ‘in order to gain attention.   It is the lack of honesty in showing who you are.    There is no room for a sense of self in our culture.

An example of this in the Sexual Life would be

seen slightly in the Dating in Seduction community, but more so in the polarity of pornography and sexual honesty.    Sex is seen as something that has no real definition in our culture.    No one will talk about it, but everybody wants to be a part of it.  When asking women and men what good sex is, they are somewhat clueless.  They might have a definition based on their experiences but none based on interaction with people.  Sadly sex is defined by pornography.  I got nothing wrong with pornography.  I watch porn.  But the problem is when porn starts to define people’s perspectives on sexuality we have a complete misunderstanding of it.  Many guys search out the Dating and Seduction industry to help, but people’s views on Sex and Sexuality within that community are almost non-existent.   Sadly any sort of real sexual connection or sexual honest is held back and kept secret.  We see our natural sexuality as a shame or something to hide.

Instead of being a group or culture of men that know what we want we have cultivated a culture or extremes and dishonesty.

Think about it…what has been offered to you?  What is it you want?

If you want to generate some social skills and get some attention there are plenty of outlets for that.   That is what all those PUA, Dating and Seduction guys are offering.

However where can you go after that?

Is there anything being offered after that?

It is interesting, there are a few books that have dramatically influenced my life.   One of them is always referenced in Seduction material.  And the people who reference the book missed the depth of the book.   I read the book about 10 years ago and it is called The Selfish Gene by Richard Dawkins, another book that illustrates the point I am making here is Ishmael by Daniel Quinn.

Guys in the Seduction Industry reference The Selfish Gene to give them some pseudo intellectual meaning to their theories.  However one of the key points to that book, and there are so many, is that once a population is allowed to reach a certain volume specific characteristics happen.  Things start to get tense.  New social rules must be established.  Also ideas spread within societies that almost can’t get shaken from the our mentality.

Why this is so important is because one thing that happens to a Culture when there are too many people in it is they become less social.

Things that are normal become abnormal.

Things like sex and socializing are some of the most fundamental aspects of humanity and in order to take part in them we have to do all this crazy shit.  When it comes to being a man, or being a woman, you need to do less than do more.

The answers that have been given to you in the Dating world are absurd.

In order to socialize, be sexy, feel sexy you don’t need to talk louder, roll your shoulders back, wear a bunch of crap, get a fake tan and frost your hair…you need to get closer to being a human.

You need to get ok with liking sex, and wanting sex.  You need to get ok with the idea of expressing it.

You need to learn to appreciate your own sexuality.  You need to not be afraid of it…

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