So in about 5 hours I am going to send this Text thing out.
It actually changed a bit.

Last night was a pretty insane night and I am going to send the info about that.
There are very few times when I am really humbled about things in terms of Game, and in terms of Inner Game.

There will still be a supremely bad ass text game thread on it.
This was a completely different style of Text Game, and I want to share it with you guys.
Like all things in Game people can get too idiosyncratic with things.
It is completely retarded. People do not branch out and explore new ideas.

The Atlanta crew apparently has some new stuff they have done in terms of Text Game, I guess Soco has been morphing it into shape, his stuff is always very dominant.
But the stuff I did last night was Amazing in how predictable it and calculated it was to set up a Pull.

Good stuff guys, kind of advanced but repeat it.

It will go out at 11pm Eastern.