On occasion people will tell me that Hawaii is a place where it is good to visit but bad to live there.
These are usually culturally unaware folks, they are always saying how they got their ass kind there by the angry locals.
I try and explain it would be like if people came to your country, town, home…whatever and told you how to live. It would piss you off. Those are usually the same people that bitch about Mexicans taking over the country and destroying the immensely rich culture of the USA.

Anyway I am with Lekarz right now from the Atlanta crew and he is from Hawaii too.
He showed me this video and we both thought….’what a fucking asshole’ , this guy is deserved of one of my amazing music video remakes.
But for now this is what I always thought one version of a Haole is (there are many forms). Some care free mainland dude, that comes to the Island, takes what he likes, and thinks he give back while speaking all this love and peace shit while the local people deal with being left out of their own island. The best is when they start explaining what the meaning of “aloha” is.

I would love to see him driven out in a Cane fields. Lekarz says, notice how there are no Local guys in it, just the girls.

Anyway… how’s that for some gratitude….hahahahaha!
If you want to read more about modern day Hawaii and some of its underbelly and also some of the cultural realities read the book
The Tattoo by Chris McKinney

But here’s the Haole boy