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Teaching has been my passion, it is one of the driving purposes in my life.
Total Immersion was created as a way to cultivate the best way to get better at having the women you want in life.
There is no mistake that the people who have worked with me and taken a part in my products have had the success they desired with women, but also in life.
Because I pride myself on what I do and my clientele I work hard to be the best I can be.
Look over what Total Immersion has to offer – Know that true change and evolution is right in front of you and
Let’s get started !

What is different about Total Immersion is that it has 4 unique components

1- 100% Infield – Your learning comes from experience, the learning plan is made so that you learn from your interactions with women, and women you desire.

2- Modeling – The most effective way to learn is from imitating or mimicking. If you’re infield with me, I will demonstrate how it is done. If you’re on the online course you will get video and audio of me demonstrating exactly what you should be doing. From that you can develop and evolve your own style.

3- Customization – Sadly I am still the only instructor truly offering a custom approach. This doesn’t just mean that I am looking at your pros and cons, it means that I am developing customized routines for you based on you, and giving you the most personalized feedback that you can’t get anywhere else.

4- Mentorship – It has always been my goal to offer a service rather than a product that you read or watch. I am going to be right there with you. I am going to fail with you and succeed with you. If you were ever looking for someone to be with you right there by your side, every step of the way that is what I will be doing.

Total Immersion Online – Six Weeks to Seduction

Limited to 10 Guys –

Begins Nov 15th, 2010

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Only $447 Limited to 10 guys will Sell Out!

The Goal – Anyone from Beginner to Intermediate will be able to have approach in any situation and get into a conversation where they are cultivating sexuality within 5-10mins (usually faster than that).

Meet women, being yourself and seducing them nearly instantly

Attract women that you want, and have them attracted to you, not a façade

If you want an easy way to meet and attract women sexually, you will learn that here.

Lesson Plan –

4 PDFs – over 80 Pages of Material

– Identity – This is not your typical Identity PDF, this PDF will teach you how to workshop what your motives are, what you’re attracted to and will completely revolutionize how you look at meeting attracting and seducing women.

– Anatomy of Attraction – Attraction is gaining Interest, it is stimulating reactions, however what a person in this course is going to learn is how to stimulate interest and reactions based on their Identity. Your strong points and your weaknesses are going to be interlaced into your Teases, your Bait and your Openers, setting you up for a very unique version of Qualification

– A Short Lesson on Qualification – You may have heard about Qualification but this is a completely different take on it. Here you are going to learn to Qualify based on your Identity. It will be Qualification based on Topics rather than random subjects. Also you will learn to plug those topics into Qualification Patterns. With the Qualification patterns you will be able to have conversations talking about anything and engaging just about anyone within 2-5mins. You want to have a conversation that goes sexual in 2-5 mins of meeting a girl, the Qualification Patterns are the way to go.

– Story Telling – This is what I have always been known for. Here you will learn how Story Telling is an extension of my Qualification Patterns and goes deeper than you could have ever imagines. You want to know what deep sexual rapport is, you will learn it here. Imagine, talking to a woman in within 5 mins she is feeling what it is like to be having sex with you all from what you say. That is the level you will get at here. Total Immersion Story Telling is on a different level and is easy to grasp.

12 Conference Calls – 1 hour each –

Now remember these aren’t just Static PDFs. The only way to get real progress is to work at it constantly and consistently. This means twice a week we get on the phone and breakdown your progress, your assignments and the lessons themselves. It is a group of 10 guys, but because the calls are twice a week I get an average of 2-4 guys per call. This gives plenty of time for customization. The calls are all recorded and the audio is emailed out within the week to the guys in the program.

The Forum –

After the first 4 weeks in the Program you will be opened up to the Forum.

This is the most exclusive forum that I have seen online. Only guys who are truly working this material are on here. The forum will get Audio Updates from me infield as well as an active Stripper and Seduction Forum. It is an active forum where people put in the work, and are striving to get results.

This forum is also super private, you have to have done 4 weeks of the 6 week course to be asked on to it. It is not open to the public.

If you’re not putting in the work, you won’t make it on the forum. That simple, this forum I want to remain golden.

If you are putting in the work, doing the assignments making the calls, taking advantage of me working directly with you By the 4th week you should be able to approach whoever you want to in any situation (Strip Club, Bar, Store, you name it) and be able to get into any conversation (Sexual, Emotional, you name it) within 5mins of meeting them.

The main reasons why this is so consistent is because 1) The Total Immersion System is so thorough and 2) I am going to be there putting the work in, right there with you.

Only 10 Guys are allowed on

Will Fill UP ASAP

To Sign Up for NOV 15ths Total Immersion

Only $447

Nobody else offers anything close to this.

Once you have completely the Total Immersion Online Attraction to Sexual Rapport Course you will be eligible for the Total Immersion Infield courses. You will receive a minimum 25% off all Infield Training for 12 months. This means is there is a Total Immersion Infield Course listed at $1250 you will get it for LESS than $937.

Less than $937 for 3 days over 8 hours of infield a day for less than $937.

All Infield Courses are limited to 6 Guys and held once a month in Various Cities

My goal with Total Immersion is to have guys that really want to master what they want (not just a system, but their ideal) be able to work with me doing multiple courses, spend multiple times infield with me whether that’s 1-on-1s or in a group for less that a typical workshop.

Think about it, you could do the online course and 2 infield workshops with me, gain superior instruction and personalization for less than $2500.

1 Workshop from a major company is $3000, has less infield time, and Instructors who’s experience doesn’t even come close to mine.

The way to get started if to sign up on the Intro Course