Total Immersion Online

Feb 15 – June 15, 2011

The Ultimate Social Dynamic

  • Guaranteed to put you on the path to your Ultimate Sexual Life 
  • The Only Online Program teaching you Seduction
  • 6 months 
  • Limited to 6 guys

Bottom line –

If you put in the work in 90 days you will be Transformed into Living your Sexual Life!

*Be Social * Be Sexual * Be You*

Total Immersion Online is The most powerful form of communication

and the only program that is 100% Customized to you

One time payment of – $1200 USD  – Save $240!!!

Or make 6 Monthly Payments – $240 per month


Onetime Payment of $1200


Monthly Payments of $240 (1 of 6 Payments)

In the last 2 years we have completely evolved the Total Immersion Online  Program. 

Not only will you learn the most effective ways to start having  the best sexual experience of your life with the most exceptional women

but you will also expand your skills in all forms of communication.

Professionally –

  • Make a massive impact on your potential clients
  • Colleagues
  • and
  • Dominate in your interviews,
  • position yourself at the top in all your interactions
  • Master the art of selling and building instantly intense connections with your clients.
  • Guide any conversation into your strengths

 Seduction – 

  • Turn women on the moment you approach
  • Learn the road map of Seduction
  • Have women melt in a 3min conversation
  • Get the women that you want, not the women you’ve got
  • How to Seduce and Connect with anyone in anyway you desire
  • Learn how I turned my one bedroom apartment into the ultimate playmate mansion
  • The the most developed storytelling method that will have women follow you across the world just to be next to you.  


The Course Details

Total Immersion Online

Feb 15, 2012 – June 15, 2012


Limited to 5 guys

4 PDFs – Over 100 pages of the most cutting edge Seduction Material on the market

  • Identity
  • Engaging (the Momentum of Attraction)
  • Rapport Cycling and Qualification
  • Storytelling

4 Video Tutorials 

  • Master your Identity
  • Learn how to Instantly Attract, using Bait, Teasing and the most effective ways to Approach
  • The Art of Rapport Cycling
  • High impact Storytelling – The method that literally had women follow me around the world just to be by my side

42 Coaching Calls 

  • Twice a week I work with you directly to achieve your ultimate Sexual Life.  These calls are no joke.  We work hard, no one gets left behind and you’re expected to be pushed to your limits!

Private Forum Access 

  • The most private forum online.  
  • Solid material on Sexual technique, Strippers and hired guns, and guys actively getting laid.
  • Interact with Total Immersion Alumni and Mastermind Alumni

18 Assignments and Challenges 

  • These challenges are specifically designed for you to achieve your goals, making you the ultimate Seducer. 

6 Month Course

  • We are going for 6 months on this course completely redefine your lifestyle so that you will be living your Ultimate Sexual Life


*** This is a program that demands work, commitment and drive

If you’re not ready to completely change and revolutionize your social dynamics in all areas then leave the seat on this course for someone that will use it.

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Onetime Payment of $1200  *SAVE $240*


Monthly Payments of $240 (1 of 6 Payments)




Steve Mayeda