Total Immersions Infield NYC – Aug 19-21
$1199 – 3 Days 100% Infield

Total Immersion NYC Aug 19-21

*3 Days to a new you! 

*100% Infield

*The only Customized and Personalized Approach to make   you the Seducer

July 22- 24, 2011

Total Immersion Infield – for a complete life change

Be Social * Be Sexual * Be You

*Limited to 6 People

Total Immersion Infield is the only Infield workshop that works with you  completely and entirely on a customized level.

Truly no other workshop can compare to it.

You will not only learn a customized approach to how you interact with women, but also learn how to seduce while being completely authentic to who you are and what you want.


My Expectation for you walking out of this workshop

#1 – Get your belief in Approaching in Any situation down
Enter any group of women, or social situation with confidence.

#2 – Approach, Seduce and Escalate while being authentic to who you are.

#3 – Begin the road to where you will be living your Sexual Life. This means you will be able to be your best self, approach the world with confidence and have the experiences of your life that will redefine your reality.


When – Aug 19-21

Location – NYC, NY



Your Itinerary –

Day 1

Fri – Aug 19

2pm – Meet for our Introductions and Weekend goals and Assignments

5pm – Body Language and Escalation Drills

630pm – Dinner break

10pm – Infield

2am – Debrief

Day 2

Sat – Aug 20

4pm – Tonight’s Goals and Expectations

6pm – Individualized Exercises and Drills (depending on what you encountered the previous night we will customize everything for you)

7pm – Dinner break

10pm – 11pm – Infield Direct game

11pm – Infield

2am – Debrief

Day 3

Sun – Aug 21

4pm – Start with Daygame Infield

7pm – Hired guns

9pm – Group Dinner (I will take you all out for dinner, as well as we go over our extended plan of action)

10pm – Infield – Final night out, we will give it all we got!


The guys I work with define me,

They are my honor and pride

Come and Join us in The Sexual Life