Traveling on a Shoestring – The Enlightenment of Vulnerability

For the past few months I have been wanting to make this more of a Blog again.

There are a few things to mention here…


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#2 – Travel Updates

While I am Traveling I am going to be updating this as much as I can.

I personally feel that living the Sexual Life is something encompasses life as a whole.   I have been pretty light in using this blog lately and I feel that there is a lot to be said.

While traveling there is always more to say…Despite the ads for the upcoming workshops and Mastermind Program I want to post about my adventures along the way.   The Sexual Life means living a life where you connect with the world.

In the past year I have traveled all over the world and feel that the most important aspects of that travel are the people that I have met and made friends with.

This brings me to this blog…

It seems like for the past few weeks I have been having friend after friend telling me that I am ‘living the life’.

I guess when you’re living it you don’t really see it.

To me I am just me.  Nothing too big, nothing too small.

In the many conversations that I have had about this, including the one I just had on the plane it gets into a conversation about Vulnerability and Sexuality.


3 Years ago I decided that this was going to be my career.  If I was going to take the ‘profession’ of PUA, Dating Coach, Life Coach (all titles I hate) on fulltime I needed to redefine what all this meant to me.

My passion has always been people.  Even when it came to ‘picking up’ chicks…it was always about people.

I had to start looking at interacting with people as something more than what I could get out of it.   I had to start looking at meeting people as something beyond a woman or what I thought I was attracted to.

In August of 2008 I realized that this had to be a part of my purpose.  I am not religious in any way, and never have been.

However I started seeing my interactions with people (all people) as a spiritual experience.

This was a huge difference in perspective.  I went from a taker mentality to one of being more open.


How and why this is so important when it come to travel is this…

Above there is a video showing you what I have packed and how light I travel.

I also state that I am just staying with friends, and although I don’t have anything planned (in terms of a place to stay) in London, I have complete faith that things will work out.   If they don’t I will find a hotel…no big deal.


The thing is that I don’t go into this thinking about how I am going to take from someone, but I go into with the joy of having experiences with people that I meet along the way.   To explain this let’s jump back about 18 months…

In Dec of 2009, I was in Palenque Mexico with my friends.

It was Christmas and at the hostel we were staying at everybody was on a lotta drugs.

I don’t drink or do drugs so I was bored out of my mind.  Still an amazing experience but watching a group of people doing acid and ecstasy can get old.

There were 2 girls who seemed to no be on anything sitting at one of the tables in the hostel.   I started talking to them…

I ended up talking to them all night, even till the party stopped in the hostel.  They were 2 girls from Austria – Nina and Isa.

After that night they were gone…

Maintained being friends on Facebook with them, every once and while talk to them on Skype…but nothing much.

One of the girls, Nina, got stranded in Hawaii and asked me for help and she crashed at my brother’s place one night…in fact she and my brother joked that, although she was “Steve’s friend” they had spent more time together than me.

When I posted that I was coming to Europe for the21convention.com my friend immediately emailed me telling me I had a place to stay in Vienna and that it was Isa’s birthday on Sat and I had to come.

This same thing happened to me in Brazil a few months ago with my friends there.   I had met those girls in Las Vegas over 2 years ago and they took me in and showed me Rio for 16 days.    I dont’ know anyone else who has stayed in Brazil and only spent $500 while there and lived on the beach in Barra de Tijuca.

3 Years ago I met my girlfriend in Trinidad Tobago while working over there on a 1 on 1.

The thing is that when I travel I tend to travel light.  I travel by any means necessary…and especially for an American I recommend traveling.  Especially traveling within the USA.  It opens your mind.

When I travel I have the surroundings influence me as much as possible.  This is why I travel so light and on a ‘shoestring’.   Yes it is cheaper, but it also allows you to be humbled by the world.

We try are a culture where we are always trying to control and for what?  We have become a culture where assurance in the outcome outweighs the experience.   This is the opposite of vulnerability


This all translates to The Sexual Life –

Many people think being vulnerable as being weak or having some sort of hindrance.

Vulnerability has nothing to do with that.   That is what people never got right in the taker mentality of pick up.

Vulnerability menas sharing, opening yourself up, exchanging – yet having the willingness to sacrifice parts of you for that connection.

There is a difference and I hope you see it…

To be vulnerable you have to value connection, value people, value the world around you more than simply what you want.

That is Sexuality and that is what drives me…