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  • 2 Meet ups a week (2 Sessions a Week)
  • Each meet up will be 4-5 hours.
  • 1 hour will be Lecture and Q and A
  • 3-4 hours will be infield 
  • Only 4 Clients at a time.  Must reserve slot. 

You also need to bring spending money of about $25-$50 for each session for food, tipping and cover fess.   If you’re a part of this group you will by default gain many friends in all the venues we go to.  Anybody who is not being a good customer in the venue (buying drinks, buying food, paying cover and tipping) will be asked to leave the group without refund.

The group will cycle 8 weeks worth of  curriculum

To Participate you need to sign up

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8 Sessions – $600 –

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Each meet up counts as a session – there will be 2 sessions a week.  Limited to 4 guys, you will need to reserve your spot!


Week 1  – April 24

Determining the Path – Cultivating your Venues 

Restaurants and Bars


Wednesday – April 24 – Initiating Conversation with Waitresses – 2 Restaurants 

Here we will have a quick presentation of the Determining the Path – Environment/Engagement/Transition/Isolation our model from the New Anatomy of Attraction PDF.   We will then head off infield to have it demonstrated.  This is one of the many reasons why we need a smaller group, a table of 5 guys is a lot to manage.  In most restaurant settings your ability to open up a waitress and move into rapport or seduction is 1 out of 3.


Saturday – April 27 – Building your establishment – Setting up the lifestyle – 4 Bars 

One of the most useful tools is to know that every establishment is there for your business.  It is there to serve you.  This is TSL’s answer to the PUA community’s idea of ‘Social Proof’.   Unlike the PUA version you will begin to build real connections with the staff, management and clientele of the venues you’re in.  You will not be portraying a false image of yourself to in the door.  You will be you, you will make genuine connections with the entire culture of the venue.  One of the main principles of this is to have all your social dynamics and skills be less prominent than your charisma and personality, for instance if you decide to do a social dynamic like ‘pre-tipping’ you will use less money ($1-$3)  and more what you say to make that connection work.   You will see demonstrations of this in venues where people already know me, then you will do it yourself in brand new venues.


Week 2  – May 1

Acting on the Path and Continuing to Build Your Connections 


Wednesday – May 1 – Waitresses Continued – 

We will visit the same restaurants as last week and although we will most likely have a different set of waitresses we will see if we can build more of a connection with the establishment and the social circle within it.   This is important, any venue has its own social circle.  You need to be seen as a part of the family of that.  Also we will continue to demo and have you apply the skills of – Situation/Engagement/Transition and Isolation with the waitresses.  Waitresses and hired guns are literally the simplest answer to meeting and dating attractive women.


Saturday – May 4 – Continue with Establishing your Venue – 

We will visit the same 4 venues and see how the staff works remembers us.   Each venue we like should serve us.  It is there to get our business.  That means the entire staff and atmosphere is there so that we buy what they’re selling.  Many people don’t feel this experience when entering a venue, however, the venue, staff, events, TVs on the wall and everything inside it, is for our enjoyment.   In this second week we will also start transitioning into some of the Social Dynamics to Be Social.   Being assertive and adding a presence to the 4 venues with the other patrons.


Week 3 – May 8

New Venues – Build Connections and Isolation

We know that if we are going to escalate in anyway, friendships to seduction the social dynamic demands for us to isolate and show intent.  Here we will begin to establish new venues of restaurants and bars and transition into strip clubs.


Wednesday – May 8 – 1 New Restaurant and Strip Club

Our goal is that we can easily begin to get comfortable with waitresses and even divide our group into 2 or 3 separate tables.  At a minimum we can get rapport with our waitress.  We know that her situation may not allow seduction, but rapport at least is constant.   Our image to the restaurant and staff is one where we are seen as a part of the family or ‘lighthouse’.  Now it is time to apply this in an entirely different venue but nearly the same rules – strip clubs.  We will go to a local strip club, one where I have no pull and apply a slight translation to the principles taught and put them to use.


Saturday – May 11 – 2 New bars – New Culture

Our goal is to make both of these venues work for us in 30mins or less without spending more than $25.  This means we aren’t buying bottles or acting like we are going to, but being regular customers.  Also because we are a small group we will stimulate the social dynamic of the venue.  We will get to know everyone there and first learn how to be social.  This is a much better route than trying to be the undeserved center of attention but we will be the catalyst to all interactions in the venue.  Depending on how people do with the assignments we may work on isolation and deeper interactions within the groups.


Week 4 – May 15

Attraction, Attention and Rapport 

We know that we need to be able to be first comfortable in our situations and environments.  Now we can really get social, gain attraction and move to rapport.


Wednesday – May 15 – 1 Restaurant Divided Up – Strip Club

Here we will divide up into individual tables, or 2 tops.  Because we should be comfortable with our environment we should be able to gain rapport through topics.  As we are learning our topics are based off our Identity and this is how we move into our early tools of Bait, Teasing, Banter and Opening Qualifiers.  If we gain ground we switch to Rapport Cycling.   Once we are done with the that venue we will travel to the same strip club as the week before and try the same thing.  If all goes right 50% of us (including me) should be able to achieve a deep level of rapport with at least 1 person in each venue.


Saturday – May  18 – 2 Bars – Isolate, Rapport 

We will go to the same venues as last week, continuing to cultivate the same environment.  However this week because we are comfortable in our environments we will be able to interact and engage socially with many groups.  Our goal is to isolate the people we like for whatever reason.  This of course can be with the motive of sex, but it can also be seen in terms of social behavior, like business or sales.  The ability to know what you want and go for it, is the same.  By the end of this week we should be able to isolate at will and see the ease and fluidity of it.  When we approach groups there will only be a normal and casual feel to it.  All of the stereotypes of ‘pick up’ will be non-existent in you.

 Remaining 4 Week’s Outlines coming soon


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