The Key to Living the

Sexual Adventure of Your Life


Starts with you Knowing Yourself and Expressing it to the World.  Its not a Sexual Adventure if it doesn’t include the Real You!



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“Seduction is a beautiful thing.  Sex is a beautiful thing.  If they are disrespected they will humble you, if they are respected and you learn to communicate who you are and honestly pursue what you want sexually sex will fulfill you in ways nothing else can.”  

From TSL Online Lesson 5 – The Nature of Seduction


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TSL Online Lesson 1 – The Identity Workbook

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Thanks for downloading TSL Online‘s first workbook.  If you haven’t yet, do yourself a favor and get your free copy by clicking the big RED link above!   This book will change your life, just fill it out, I can guarantee it!

There are 7 more Workbooks we use in TSL Online to live the Ultimate Sexual Adventure.  TSL Online is a 90 Day Full Service Coaching Program – READ ABOUT IT HERE – In TSL everything starts out with our Identity.  If we know ourselves we can express ourselves to the world.

Our goal is simple – Live the Sexual Adventure we always dreamed of by being ourselves.  As members of TSL Online we want to live live without guilt, shame or judgement while being ‘as sexual’ as we want to be.  This is the purpose of the Identity Workbook.  Once we can learn the depth of ourselves we can learn a Social and Sexual Dynamic to connect ourselves to the world.  This is where you will live not only a Better Sex Life, but your Ideal Sex Life.

TSL Online - Lesson 1 Cover

This Lesson is thorough and will take you about 2-4 hours to complete (sometimes more if you really get into it).  You will take an in depth look at –

  • Your Self-Perception
  • You Social- Perception
  • What’s Attractive About You
  • What you’re Attracted to Emotionally, Physically and Personally
  • Your Passions, Purpose and Ideals
  • Your Family
  • Your Ambition
  • Your Sexual Life – Your Urges, Desires, Fantasies and Realities


If you do it all you’re not only going to feel refreshed and enlightened (it has a sort of therapeutic quality) but the next step in TSL Online‘s map towards living the best Social and Sexual Life is applying all that you learn about yourself to our Social and Sexual Dynamics.

In TSL Online you will learn how to Emotionally Elicit, Connect, Build Social Circles, Sexually Escalate and Instantly Charge Women Sexually with all that you write about in the first Lesson.

Imagine being in any situation and being able to connect on a level so deep that the beautiful woman we talk to tells us, “I have never met anyone like you, I can’t believe we just met.”  You look at your watch and like usual, only 7 mins has passed.

This is why you should download this Lesson Right NOW.

Do it

Work it

If you want to continue on that path take the road that so many have taken before –

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