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TSL Podcast 21Bill Murphy 

“Entrepreneurial Badass” takes making money to a whole new level!




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Start a Business, Make Money and Live a Great Life

That’s the idea…right?

Here’s the real deal folks…


Meet Billy Murphy – He founded ForeverJobless.com and ecomlab.com and the guy is a force of nature in the Entrepreneur world.  He ain’t no joke!  In fact I don’t know many people that can do what he can do.

bill murphy

Billy’s ‘M.O.’

  • Start a Company
  • Make Profit
  • Teach Other People to Do Just That
  •  Repeat

Better yet he did this all in his 20s!  I met him when he was 25 and already an Entrepreneurial success.   I know a lot of millionaires, but I don’t know a lot of millionaires that can systematically make money in multiple areas of commerce and teach people how to  DO JUST THAT!

I can tell you from personal experience if I needed someone to follow when it comes to success and making money – Bill would be at the top of that list.

This is why he is featured in this TSL Podcast, and this is why you need to listen to it.

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