If there is one thing for certain, when it comes to Living Life, Friends and your Sex Life, you want to do it right! You want to be happy. Why would you want a bad sex life, friends and lifestyle?   If that’s the case, this is what this Vlog is all about…

You – Living Happy, Being Sexual and Being 100% Yourself!


TSL Vlog 1 –

The Power of Authenticity
By Steve Mayeda



I wanted to start a Vlog

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I wanted to start a Video Blog – aka Vlog (I hope I did that right).   The Main Purpose is to promote an idea that I think is pretty damn important….

Sex is a Beautiful – and you should be living life the the fullest!

Also, I want you to have a resource so that you can learn how to live a great Social Life, Sexual Life and Lifestyle. If this is doing that (or even not doing that) let us know!  Comment, email, share…all that cool stuff.

Email Me – Steve@theSexualLife.com

Let’s get back to that idea of –

Sex Being a Beautiful ‘Thing’


If we all started having a good and healthy Sexual Life and Social Life we’d be a whole lot happier.   I am pretty passionate about this, so much that for the past 7 years I have done nothing but teach people how to live a better Social and Sexual Life – What a career!

The funny thing is that even though there are many people teaching in this industry I have yet to find one that teaches what we teach.  If you know of anyone else teaching in this way, let me know, I’d like to meet up and hang out with them.


What’s Different?

Well there’s a lot different.  And to really know the unique characteristics of it all you need to jump on the TSL  bandwagon.  TSL Is very different.  It doesn’t only teach you a completely unique Social Dynamic, but a Way to Live that is adaptable and customizable.  The result is an entire lifestyle where you’re happy, social and sexual.

Here are a few points where we do things a little bit different.


1 – Authenticity –

Before we get into it all I want you to ask yourself –

Why would I want a sex life, or social life, that wasn’t based on me?  

Do you really know what that means?  That means that very connection you long for with friends, lovers and sexual adventures is not based on you.  People are friends and sex partners with a mask and not you?   Sadly, this is a distinguishing point between The Sexual Life and other companies teaching Social Dynamics, Sexual Dynamics and Personal Change.

Everything TSL teaches is based off Authenticity (what this first Vlog is highlighting).  Authenticity is a word used a lot in the marketing world, but let me be clear – There is no compensation here – All Techniques, Social Dynamics, Sexual Dynamics and Concepts taught through TSL are dependent on You Being You.   There is nothing in TSL that has you be someone else, fake anything or even be ‘superficial’.  In fact why would you want to experience one of the most powerful traits of being human – Sex and Socializing – while NOT Being Yourself?   I can tell you from personal experience (but it is kind of a ‘no-brainer’) sex with someone while being who you are is one of the most experiences you can have.  Sex with someone while not being who you are, sucks…

You have everything in you now to live the Social Life you want, Sexual Life you want and Lifestyle you want.  You just need a way to communicate it.


2 – Its Sexual –

We are human beings and we were meant to be Sexual, We were Born to Be Sexual.  Evolution is a pretty amazing thing (if you believe in that sort of thing), and it didn’t mess up.  That means you are a product of evolution, and you are a Sexual Being!  You were born to be sexual and you need to be sexual.  TSL is not about learning how to be a cool guy, or someone that has to fake fame to meet people, get girlfriends or anything really.  TSL is about you getting Sexual.  You getting deep, carnal, intimate…you acting as you were born to be.

If you get sexual you will learn deeper parts of yourself and others.  You will learn to be social in the purest sense.  Basically, if you’re looking for something to make you cool, or have a lot of people look up to you while being a pseudo-celebrity TSL can’t help you.  If you want to have a good sex life…well, I’d say TSL is one of the only resources that can help you.


3 – The Value is You –

There is no higher value other than what is within you.  This is what makes friendships and sex enjoyable.  It is when other human beings interact with what is really within you.   The things outside of yourself can have value too, but they don’t create connection, they create attention.   You can’t have sex with a superficiality, nor can you make a friend with it…so stop trying!

I personally love sex.  I love connecting with people and I love making good friends.  My friend are my friends not because they’re important people, but because we connect and relate to one another.  We share and exchange emotions, experiences, thoughts, good times and bad times.  We can do this because of one thing, the only Value is within us. It is not what is outside of us.  I love connection, and that takes me…all of me.  My psychology, my emotion, my physicality and so on.  So why do so many people try and find value with superficiality?  Maybe because they’re afraid to be themselves.  At TSL we only want to have relationships (and promote relationships) with real people, not a superficial front.  This is why the value is you!


4 – Social and Sexual Health –

One of the most important things that everyone seems to forget is how to be Socially and Sexually Healthy.  Let’s put this simply…if we are living the TSL Way of Life we should be happy with our Social Lives and happy with our Sexual Lives.  It is sad to say but rarely in the industry of Dating/Seduction/Social Dynamics and even Self-Help where people have a life full of good friends, good relationships and enjoying sex.  I know a lot of people that ‘approach’ a lot of people, and have few friends.  I know a lot of people that have sex with a lot of people to prove a point.  I know a lot of people that study a lot of concepts to talk about sex and socializing.  But I know very few people that enjoy women, enjoy sex, know themselves and like being a social and sexual person.  The way we teach at TSL is so that you will love your life, love your friends and love being sexual.


5 – Service Based –

If TSL promotes being social, and being a part of the connection with people then wouldn’t it make sense that the way you would spread your message follow the same format.  TSL promotes being connection, not superficiality, so the way we teach is with connecting with all our clients.  We are based on Authenticity, and in being Authentic wouldn’t it makes sense that everyone is unique?  Well the only way to bring out the uniqueness of your greatest Social Life, Sexual Life and Lifestyle is to personally work with everyone.  We are the only company that offers a true customization.  We get to know you and you get to know us.


6 – Principle Based –

If we are going to be teaching everyone in a personal way that means the way we teach has to be different.  There can be no set method.  Everyone is unique and different people learn in different ways.  We accomplish this, with a defining success, by using Principles.  This is another word that is used a lot in marketing, but let’s be clear – Principles means there is an overall concept that can work in many ways.  For instance, ‘Push Pull’ might be a principle.  To connect with someone, emotionally escalate with someone or sexually escalate with someone ‘Push Pull’ can be applied.  You can also use ‘Push Pull’ to work in building a garden all the way to negotiating in business.  It happens within the world around us in many ways.  At TSL we work with you to apply ‘Push Pull’ and many other Principles to your life.

TSL Blog Image Born to BE

All that being said, The Sexual Life is a stand alone company that will allow you to Live a great Lifestyle, full of friends and great sexual experiences.

If you’re alive and have a desire to be more social and sexual you can fit into our world.  This Vlog and Blog is here to help you do that!   If you could, pass on our message!  Being Sexual is a great thing…don’t let your friends miss out!




and let us know what you think…

after all, this is all for you!