TSL Vlog 3

TSL Vlog 3 – Owning Your Life, Owning Your Change

There are a few things when it comes to personal change that people forget.

Many people get caught up and trapped in the sole idea of achieving a result.  Don’t get me wrong, results are a good thing, but in order for those results to have the most impact on your life you need to pursue that change in one single direction.  You need to EXPLORE YOURSELF.  At the most your expression of yourself comes from you – Authenticity (Click here for Authenticity Vlog) needs to be worked and cultivated in every action.

This is where things are a bit different at TSL.  We focus on the total self, encouraging the practice of simple daily actions that have massive impact on your life (click here to read the 5 Daily Actions Article).  Everything is dependent on Self-Exploration and through that we are able build our Lifestyle, our Social Dynamic and our Sexual Dynamic.  It simply makes sense, if I want to have great Social Circles, Great Lovers and Sexual Experiences I need to have it be with Myself!

The ultimate goal of Living The Sexual Life is to have a Lifestyle that is Great.  We want you to have a Lifestyle that is a direct expression of you.  There is no faking it.  There is only you, living your life and experiencing it 100%.  The good the bad, and the points of change.  Live your Life – Own It!

Be Social 

Be Sexual 

Live Life



Identity Workbook: TSL Online Lesson 1

TSL Online - Lesson 1 Cover

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For more information on Exploring Yourself in the TSL Way, Download Lesson 1 of TSL Online – The Identity Workbook – If you have a few hours check it out.  It will give you a good perspective on TSL and how much you can change.

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Download Here – DO IT!