You Don’t Know What You Want
By Steve Mayeda


We live in a world of ‘Wants’

Our belief is that if we get those ‘Wants’ we will be happy.  We will have success and we will finally become the person we were meant to be.


This might actually be true if those wants came from ourselves, but this is not the case.  Our wants are an expression of our desperation, insecurity and not liking what we have.    I have a job where people tell me what they want all the time.  I also have a job where I help people have a good sex life, social life and live happy.  This is a consistent result, and I have done it for years.  This is why I say –


“You don’t know what you want”


Some common wants from men might be –

I want Threesomes

I want ‘10s’

I want Multiple Women having Sex with me at once

I want One Night Stands or SNLs (Same Night Lays)

I want to Fuck Strippers

I want to live with the Social Elite

I want Porn Style Sex

I want Women to Worship Me


And those wants are a direct link telling me you have no fucking clue what it is you want, and really what you need is some good sex, some good friends and learn to express who you are.   The funny thing is that the real solution to living happy and fulfilled sexually, even the key to successfully achieving some of those above ‘goals’ lies in being an expression of who you are and sharing it socially and sexually.


Here’s an Example –

For instance if you’re a sexually driven client and want more sex, with more women there is nothing wrong with that sexual urge to want to have more sex.  There is nothing wrong with you wanting to have sex with many women.  However there is something wrong with you thinking that the only solution is to specifically achieve some accomplishment with women.  The real solution lies in you having some good sex that fits within your lifestyle.  And guess what that just might be your want.  The mistake in this process comes when we stop allowing our sexuality to be free, and we limit it by trying to make it align with some fantasy world of what we think seems like a ‘good sex life’.


This is a bigger problem than we can ever imagine.  This is how we build a culture of men (and women) that can’t even have a conversation with someone, make a friend or exchange an emotion with someone and be demanding how to fuck and control their sexual partners.  We see this in many different movements and people not living their true expression of self but rather aligning it to a political cause or moral cause.  From Pick Up, Religion, Feminism to our Culture we need to realize that if we are going to find fulfillment in those actions we need to find fulfillment in ourselves at first or at the same time.


We make our Social and Sexual Frustrations be represented by other people’s ideas.  We do this in identifying the Problem and the Solution.   Our problem and solution is based on a fantasy.  


Being someone that has worked with so many men in this industry and also worked with men and women in other capacities I can tell you one thing that is the root of your problems socially and sexually…

You need to look within build a relationship with yourself.  Once you do that only then can a ‘Social Dynamic’ or ‘Technique’ help you.


It’s pretty simple, so why not do it!



Explore yourself today!

Live your Life and Own it!






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