Hey Guys!

I apologize for the long delay since updating this blog, but believe me-things have been CRAZY!

I have been spending a lot of time bouncing back in between Austin, and DFW and I guess Chicago last week, reorganizing and working on new things.
I’ve been in a creative mode for quite some time and it has led me in a direction of many new ideas. Between working with former students, working on new stacks, experimenting with audio (including in-field), going to lair talks, one on ones, etc. I have decided to reorganize things.

As some of you know (and those on my list know) I have been wanting to and trying to send out updates and content. There hasn’t been much in the way of this lately. The reason is not due to lack of material, but because I wanted to find out the best way to present it. My goal is to give guys valuable stuff without overloading it. I’ve been researching how to do this and I think I’ve come up with the solution.

The bottom line is that I’ve been taking on too much stuff! It’s just hard for me to say no to someone who wants to work with me. From now on, I will be sending out content based emails to those interested (if you’re interested, sign up for the LIST!) and update based emails pertaining to scheduling and what to expect in future content emails.


The blog site will also be changing. There will still be free information on it, but it will not function the same as it does now. I’m waiting on the schedule of the IT guys I know to finish it. So it will be updated based on their time. The main issue here is that I have tons of new and very implementable stuff that will be going out on a regular basis to those guys on my list. There will be minimal to no new info posted on this blog. Sorry guys, I had to make a sacrifice somewhere and the blog was it.

If you sign up for the list you can expect to get written material, audio, video, and even questions answered. I will not be trying to sell you material in these emails. If you are interested in hiring me to help YOU, there will always be a link to my services in the emails, and on this blog site. I have enough people to work with that I don’t need to push for sales with tricky language.

It’s simple: if you like the free material you get and decide you want more, just click on the available links and get in contact with me. That’s it!

Look for the first content and update emails to come out June 1st

Until then….

El Topo