The 4 Points of Transformation

The Ultimate Path to Liberation and the best Sexual Life you can Imagine




One of the distinguishing points of the Sexual Life (TSL) from any other system is its process of learning.  The only goal of TSL is to show a highly effective social and sexual dynamic through self-expression.

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What makes this such a great process and system is that it is more effective socially and sexually but also it allow Friends, Sex, Relationships and Social Circles build a lifestyle.  You will find that because you are expressing yourself and people are deeply interacting with you, your entire life will benefit.  This means that you will be you.  There will be a pride to your life, you will express who you are and apply the social dynamics to that, and as a result your life will blossom into what it has always meant to be.


The 4 Points of Transformation –

  • Self-Expression
  • Self-Exploration
  • Self-Acceptance
  • Self-Love



In TSL we learn a a Social Dynamic that is pure Self-Expression.  We fake nothing.  We learn to communicate with who we are.  For some people it is a common belief that this is not possible because they’re life has no value.  They need a ‘hero’, or if people knew the ‘truth’ about them they would not like them.  This goes against all of TSL’s beliefs.  We believe that you are the hero, and if you connect with someone it is impossible to be judgmental.  The road to a truly great social and sexual life is only through being yourself.  Once you are yourself you will know yourself better this is where TSL really sinks its teeth in.  We explore more…



Once you have started living life through Self-expression you’re going to notice people treat you different.  Many times when I meet new clients they will tell me what they’re looking for – ‘Better women”, “More fulfilling and adventurous sex life”, “A better lifestyle” and so on.  My goal is to take whatever their goal is and teach them how to use who they are to achieve that.  It is pretty simple.  But the true way of life starts there. Once you start being yourself and getting results you can see what you really want. By all means, maybe the goals you are starting out with are truly what you want.  However being social and being sexual are pretty powerful things, they create lifestyles and journeys of man.  Allow them to!   Here is where the experience of making great friends and having defining sexual adventures can change us as men.  We see deeper sides to ourselves and this allows for deeper and more meaningful lifestyles.  Many times when we explore ourselves we find parts of ourselves that are not what we expected.  This is where Self-Acceptance is what gives us the true freedom and definition of being a great human being is.



When we gain experience connecting with all the people around us deeply we will see things we like and dislike about ourselves.  As members of TSL we don’t want to live life by a false definition.  We want to be ourselves.  We don’t want out expression of self to be tainted by a facade, we want to be who we are and proud of who we are no matter what our situation might be.  This is where self-acceptance is the true freedom and answer in our life.  Being a man that has the ability to achieve a result still remains immature, he only knows performance.  His maturity comes from the complete expression of that lifestyle. A man can never control the life outside of him, but he can control the life inside him.  When he accepts who he is, he will find peace in every situation and the ability (as hard as it may be at times) to be himself.


For myself, I was able to have a great sex life, but it didn’t make me happy.  I needed to accept myself, good and bad…no shame, no guilt and act upon what I wanted and be responsible for it.  That means if it was against the grain of society I would do it, but I would also accept responsibility for it.   This opened up a door of absolute freedom for me.  It wasn’t that I went off into an act of misfit driven chaos, I actually discovered more of who I was and what I wanted.
In this line of work you meet many successful driven men, but when it comes to sex, life and lifestyle they have no idea of who they are and what they want.  Nobody should have to go through that.



This is the ultimate goal.  To love every aspect and moment of your life.  It is pointless to have any skill if it doesn’t serve your love of life.  Life is greatness we were not meant to be depressed or angry all the time.  We were meant to be expressions of who we are and not ruled by our emotions.  Emotions are great things but they are supposed to flow and not remain stagnant in one mode.  Anger held on to is not anger, it is resentment and contempt.  Joy held onto is not joy but delusion.  We want to be able to express ourselves, explore ourselves and accept who we are.  Once we have done that our path is clear and our social and sexual life become powerful tools for us.  Our ambition, drive, social and sexual urges will be made into a beautiful picture of our life.  This is the only goal of TSL and TSL Online.   We live a great life of self-expression and live fluidly with the world around us.


In this we are the definition of man and the true definition of self.  Why live a life one more day without knowing who you are and living the life you were meant to live.