TSL Vlog 4 – Be the Better Man

By Steve Mayeda

Well, I posted this one up on YouTube a few days ago and it has quickly become the most popular of my new Vlog Channel (Subscribe).  The goal of The Sexual Life is to be a resource for you to live a better life, have a great sex life and social life.  Why have friends if you’re not enjoying them?  Why have sex if you’re not having the best sex of your life?  Why communicate if you’re not empowering yourself and having a better life?

Live a better life.  Live your best expression and be yourself.

There is no doubt that the Seduction and PUA Industries are all over the place, selling you bullshit.  But what’s the solution?   The industry has perverted the idea of ‘Authenticity’, and ‘Natural’.  The answers to seduction and a happy life are rooted in these very ideas of Being Natural, Being Yourself and Being Authentic.  The very root of being Natural or a Natural Seducer is not following a plan, but exploring and following yourself.

The key is we need an outlet to look the answer.  The answer is being yourself and asserting who you are.   So how do we do that?

In TSL Online (The Sexual Life’s 3 month online program) we start out with a few basic exercises that allow you to begin an Authentic approach at being yourself.   Here is an exercise we give you in the first week and throughout the course –


Exercise 1 – Say ‘Hello’

Although we are looking to develop a unique and expressive social and sexual life we need to get down to the basics.  The basics are important because they give us the baseline for being social and being sexual.  At TSL we are only trying to achieve Social and Sexual Health.  We want a good social and sexual life, not a facade.  We want to feel happy with being who we are and enjoying who we are with.

This exercise is a fundamental that will allow us to be social with the benefits of being social.   Things like expressing emotion, making friends, getting a better social life, and having a better sex life.   This is the ‘Say Hello’ exercise.   Simple, effective and makes you feel good!

Everyday we need to smile and approach 5 people and simply say, “Hello, how’s your day?”

I want you to have a personal conversation with them.

I want you to really try and see how they are doing or how they are feeling.

The key is most people give you surface level answers when it comes to meeting people on the street.

Our goal is to really connect t with people quickly and personally.  It is not an act, but a connection we are making.  


Live your Life – Own It!