You were Born to be Sexual –

If you don’t believe it then you better start.  Let’s look at it this way, every bit of you biologically, emotionally, physically, mentally…you need to be having sex.  It is what you were made to do.  If you’re not understanding this, just go with it for now.

All living things evolved to be able to procreate.  It is in our DNA.  The funny thing is we think we are not meant to be sexual, we think we are meant to live this society, culture and set of beliefs more than we are meant to have sex, feel sex and experience sex.  What is even more insane is that we think our sexual urges, beliefs feelings and needs are somehow inappropriate.   Here’s the deal, if you have an urge towards sex that is your body communicating to you something that you need.  If you have a thought that is sexual that is your mind communicating to you what it needs.  If you feel a feeling about sex those are your emotions communicating to you what it needs.

Now before I get a bunch of comments and criticism towards illegal or socially unacceptable acts of sex I’m not saying to take part in them.  I am say is you need to acknowledge your sex and sexuality right now.  It is part of you.  Then (whether you have sexual urges that fit within society’s latitude of acceptability) you will have to learn how to communicate and exchange with others.

Sexual Frustration

We talk a lot about being Sexually Healthy, and Socially Healthy (check out this Vlog/Article on that) Let’s take a look at a Sexually Frustrated person.  They want sex, they see sex from a point of desperation.  They see sex as something they need right now because their body, mind and emotions are starved from it.  When we act on sex in our frustration we then start to break from what is our personal sexual norm.

Think of it this way, in our culture we don’t talk about sex.   As a result we act out sexually from a stand point of starvation and desperation.  We are angry and frustrated.  then we judge ourselves and others sexuality by society.  A society and culture out of touch with sexuality.  We need to start with our sexuality.  Empower the idea that we were born to be sexual and then find out what we want and who we are without the desperation and angst.


Moving to Solution –

Be Sexual beddingBW


So the next question is…

How do we stop being sexually desperate?

I know the answer for anyone desperate is the quickest road to sex. The problem is you will still be frustrated once you get it. Rather than being obsessed with having more sex we should take a step back and go with being social.  Start talking to people.  Start interacting and sharing with others.  Start being you and expressing that to people.  If you want to know more about some exercises to be social in this way check this Article out.  No faking it, no facade, but talking to people about who you are and what you feel.  Get people to interact with you…once you can do that, you’re on your way to being naked with someone and sharing your true self physically, mentally and emotionally.


This is the beginning of the Sexual Life!

Be Social Be Sexual Live Life


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