Vlog 7

The Misuse of Authenticity

By Steve Mayeda

Selling an Image to Desperate Men

The Re-Marketing of Pick Up – 

Being Authentic – Being Natural

Well if that means imitating or mimicking and never Being, then it probably isn’t going to work. Looking Cool Does Not Equal Being 

As long as you’re Not Being the Man you’re Not Being Authentic, you’re Not Being Natural.  Fashion and image are styles, Authenticity and Being Natural is Not.

When it comes to changing your sex life we are often sold on the expectation that we are going to change our lives, but in the end we have only been sold an image and a set of technique.  Yet living a life and being a man are still elusive.  Let’s be clear about this, an image is not you.  It is not the choices that you make and the experiences you have. It is not the life you will live or the life you share.  

So why would you think if you change your image it would change your life?   

The images above are the same thing.  They are not being a man, they are not sex, they are not a lifestyle.  They are not Authentic, they are images representing a persona.  Your value and your image can only come from you.  Your life, your sex can only come from you.  


When it comes to the Dating and Seduction World you hear the words Authenticity and Being Natural a lot.  Authenticity and Being Natural have become a marketing term more than a word that has meaning.   This is frustrating to people looking for services in Dating and Seduction but it is also frustrating for me who basically teaches completely off exploring who you are and building a Social and Sexual Life based on that.


The PUA has become the Natural Man or Authentic Man –

An Image of success being sold to a culture of Desperate Men

 Being Authentic is simple.  It means – Be Who You Are.  There is no compensation in this.  This would mean fitting into an archetype or someone who in an ‘authentic man’ but it means being who you are. 


Here is the difference –

Most Pick Up Artist stuff means – Imitate something that is attractive to women.

Being the Authentic Man Usually means – Be like an Authentic man a Stereotype or Archetype of that.

Why be the ‘Authentic Man’ (meaning fit the image of a ‘natural man’ – whatever that means), because if you imitate the image of that man you’re going to be more attractive.  It is the same bullshit pick up has been teaching for years.  Once Pick Up got over marketed they needed another word to sell their shit.

Here you just saw a rebranding, not a new system.  Instead of a guy exaggerating himself in a top hat and crazy clothes you saw a guy dressing up to look like some male archetype.  One of the many ‘red flags’ you see is when they say things like, ‘We don’t teach pick up, or routines’ yet all they teach is how to approach.  Nothing about life, nothing about being a man, nothing about what to do with a woman.

Here is what Authenticity means –

au·then·tic·i·ty  [aw-then-tis-i-tee]


the quality of being authentic; genuineness.

What I mean when I use the word is to be yourself.  That does not mean to fit an image or fake anything.  Yes, you might need a point of reference to start somewhere but you want that to turn into your way of life.  If you’re a flawed man, be that. If you’re a man with many treasures be that.  The end goal is to be who you are.  Have a life that you own.  If your’e trying to live a shortcut or hack you’ve missed the point.   You’re living your life from a point of scarcity and desperation.  In the small chance that you might actually get success it will be short lived and unfulfilling.



Well simply because you’re full of shit.  In other words you’re too afraid to be who you are in your skin so you’re living your fear, and image.  Only because someone said it will work.


Live your Life and Own it!






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