“I don’t conquer, I submit.”
Giacomo Casanova quote

Here’s the thing ladies, (whoops — I meant MEN):

Women want to be turned out.

I’ll say it (or write it) again. (A-hem):


*Yes, I did it. I slipped and said it.
This is the big bad secret. Now the cat’s outta the bag and the pussy fell onto the floor.

Whether women know it or not (some know it more than others), they WANT that romp in the hay. Although this is TRUTH, let me further peel back the banana.

You see, it’s not a news flash that once a woman expresses herself sexually, most times she is met with the brand of a Scarlet Letter. She is slutified – whorefied, (Cunt faced, Jiz bagged, Floozy fucked), you get the picture.

But before you get all WTF on me, this blog isn’t a rant to get you guys to feel bad for those of us who have to bleed once a month, (although you SHOULD go and hug your mother after reading this).

What I want for YOU all to get from this is that — this is good news for you! Isn’t it? Isn’t it awesome to know that women REALLY want it just as much as you do?!

Oh my god. Let me continue…

You see this is the secret that Cassanova knew. Cassanova, like many successful SEDUCERS (not ‘pick up’), understood this very, very fundamental reality about women. So, sometimes getting back to the basics is what’s necessary.

So, recap so far:

Women Want IT.
Women get ‘slutified’ for it.

Hum, how can we remedy this?

Drum roll:

How about asking yourself, “How can “I” (Tarzan) get Jane to get down and dirty in the banana leaves with me?”
I will respond to this question with another question:

“How can YOU (Tarzan) get Jane to feel emotionally, physically safe with YOU in order that will help her KNOW that she won’t be judged or shamed – therefore feeling GUILTY about asking you to slap her in the face with your man junk?”

You see gentlemen, THIS is the the secret ‘Kung Fu Penis’ ingredient. It’s so tiny (not the penis – the information), that it’s easy to pass up. It’s so miniscule that it’s like a whimpering whisper that’s hard to hear in the midst of all your caveman grunts.

Once a female feels secure enough to explore her sexuality with you, she will bloom upward toward you as if you were the spring sun himself. But you also have to sincerely mean it and find delight in her own uniqueness. Believe it or not, this ‘sincerity’ will also IMPROVE your OWN sexual experiences 100 fold.

I started off this blog with this quote:

“I don’t conquer, I submit.”
Giacomo Casanova quote

I hate to potentially burst your bubbly balls but believing that ‘conquering’ a woman, like in pornography, is what will consistantly create great sexual experiences is nooooooooot really true.

If you REALLY want to become a better lover and give women what it is that they REALLY desire, then you must look toward “Giacomo Casanova” for your inspiration and not a short 10 minute, visual quip on YouPorn titled, “Big Bang Up Daisie’s Ass”.

I’m just saying that REAL seduction is not fast food pick up. REAL seduction is the AUTHENTIC understanding of what a woman REALLY wants and how YOU can inspire HER to make the choice HERSELF to say yes to you, over and over again.

Casanova valued intelligence in a woman: “After all, a beautiful woman without a mind of her own leaves her lover with no resource after he had physically enjoyed her charms.”
So, spit out your tobacco cowboy and replace it with some green, mint gum and chew on that, sir.
Your palette is about to evolve. …