Living Your Ideal Life – Why not now?

For the past few years I have wanted to build something that influenced people on all levels.  Anyone that wanted to their life in any way shape or form could start at one centralized location.

In my teaching I have always (and sometimes only) been inspired by people’s ability to transform from one person to another.   Perhaps this is due to my own changes,  obstacles and people telling me personal transformation was impossible.  The bottom line is that anybody, no matter what your life, the people in your life say, history and beliefs are can live a great life.  You can do that right now.   There is never an excuse good enough to make you give up on living your ideal life.


TransformProgressThe Challenge 

To Myself and Anyone who wants to Join Me.  

At the end of this week I will be announcing a public, free, resource program that is designed to give you, me and anybody else the right information, motivation and design to live their best life ideal.  It will cover health, mentality, lifestyle and business.

Of course, when it comes to life one size never fits all.  This Challenge is going to feature the best coaches in the world, of many different methods.  It will be on going and in a constant rotation.

If you’re reading this and wanting to live a better lifestyle, be happier, be healthier and have more independence I want there to be a resource and a motivator for you.  I want there to be one place where you can go and get the clarity, perspective and motivation necessary to take those difficult steps of self-transformation.

In my own journey I personally, I realized that to live the best life, I needed to be the best person.  My authentic self had to have no compensation. Self-expression became the only goal and the highest standard of Living the Sexual Life.  I changed in my perspective and actions in all areas of my life.  I soon realized that my outside world was an expression of my inner world.

I want to begin a public journey that focuses on Health and Fitness, Mentality, and Lifestyle.  In fact I want it to be about any area of your life.

In all my teaching I have come to know and recognize one thing –

The Ability for someone to live the best expression of themselves is invaluable, and the only path for fulfilling transformation.  

The goal is a way of life.


You Tell Me

I want to know from you…

Answer these questions in the ‘comments’ area I could know what people are looking for to change, and how to go about it.


What would you like to change about yourself to live the ideal life?

This could be with Health and Fitness, Mentality, Lifestyle, Sex Love and Relationships.  I don’t care what it is, I want what is missing from your ideal life?

Why aren’t you doing it?  What is keeping you from living your ideal?  Motivation, no plan, no money what it is? 

I also want to know what would motivate you?  What would make you want to jump up and say, “I am ready to commit to a change!”


I know some of these questions might seem kind of personal, but this road will be personal.  I will be invested and you need to invest yourself!    If I’m going to do this…I need you!  I need your feedback.


Let’s do it!

Post your comments and check back in a few days!