I am not sure how much I am going to write about this…
In fact i am not sure how helpful this all is for people to read.

However I do feel that there are MASSIVE problems in the PUA community and I want to spend the next few articles focusing on that.

However, which ever direction I choose to express all this, it would be almost necessary to start with this Article Written by MunichHawk.

MunichHawk is someone I would consider a friend as well as a top notch PUA. I have only hung out with him once when traveling through Germany but he’s a pretty amazing person. He is truly someone to look up to.
The reason why I say this is not cause the article written below, but because of his ‘content of character’ as a great man once said.

I was chatting with him on Skype one day and he was telling me about how he was taking care of his mother and brothers. Munich Hawk is one of those guys that once you start talking to him you immediately realize how dense his spirit is.
I always knew he had a lot on his plate and always managed to live by a certain set of ideals but when you interact with him you realize how much of a Human Being he is, and it is almost impossible not to look up to him.

That being said, somehow the conversation ended up with us talking about the PUA Community (how the 2 of us met). He said a lot…so much I asked him to write about it.
When he emailed it to me I read it and was amazed.

I even showed it to a few instructors and they were amazed.

I asked him if I could post it.

He told me I could post it, and even use his name, as long as I mentioned that he Loves the PUA Community, it has helped him and allowed him to help others; however, there is a lot wrong with it, and in posting this it is done with the intention of Change rather than Judgment.

When I read it I realized how guilty I am of this as well, and I think many of us have been. Like I said in the next few posts I plan on addressing and expanding upon many of the ideas the MunichHawk addresses in this.

MunichHawk’s: Top 10 Community shitlist

(in no particular order)

-The value phallacy

The belief that you only should interact with people of equal or higher value then yourself.
It has some social darwinistic touch to it as well as it excludes certain people and professions out. There even is this certain belief that you should cut people out of your life who don´t try to be rich and famous. This is unsocial, weird and a little sociopathic.
The belief that you need to strive for beeing rich or famous in order to get girls is wrong in so many ways. To get a girl you need to share values but they don´t have to be materialistic.

-Ten game only

The phallacy to only get “10´s”. I always have the impression that this is more about bragging in FR/LR´s then really based on attraction for a girl. Sure everyone wants a girl he considers as hot but only hot isn´t enough. Next to physical attraction girls should have goals, visions, character, intelligence, humor, etc.


The myth companys through out there that there Instructors only fuck 10´s and that they nearly get 5/5.
Nobody in the world gets that, it´s pure marketing and it´s harmfull for newbies.
They really believe that they have to get 5/5 and think about how bad they are if they had a weak night out.

-Natural Game

Let´s face it, the majority of the guys in the community found it because they were bad with women. A natural has a natural ability to interact socially. Most people go into the community because they lack social intuition. Even if they learn to be really good in the game is practically not possible to become a natural. The term natural game is more a marketing gag then a solid philosophy. And the discussions if natural game is better then using routines is just point and useless.


The community started as a fairly anarchistic place like the internet in a whole. People shared their ideas and experience to get better with women. After a while clever guys found out that you can make a lot of money if you offer training. One of the problems that arised after the community basically became a market is the over the top marketing.
Various companys fight with each other for customers and therefore the things and personal they offer had be appear more and more exclusive.
Today nobody would join a bc were the advertisement says: “Learn the skills to seduce a decent amount of girls.”
It has to be: “How to get every girl you want! Fuck Strippers and Playboy models like all of our Instructors did! This man alone fucked 5 strippers this afternoon!”
The community today is more about clever marketing then about real content. Old ideas rehashed under a different name sold for thousands of dollars. The only good thing is not everybody joined the majority….yet.

-Anti Feminism

A weird situation in the community. Nearly all companys say that the goal is to find a girl which is smart, ambitious, funny etc. But on the same time I see anti-feministic statements all over the place. The belief that “in the good old days” were Mommy stayed in the kitchen and Daddy brought the food on the table and was the only boss in the house, were sooo much better because men used to be real men and not pussies because of the feminist movement in the 60´s/70´s, is just disgusting.


Seriously, if you don´t know how to seduce a girl, stay out of business.

-The asshole syndrome

We see this all the time. Nice guys find the community and turn into real assholes after a while. They discover “cocky and funny” and think: “Now it´s payback time, bitches!”
This is so plain wrong. Being a friendly dude is important to get laid! All the naturals I know are nice, kind and friendly guys, they just don´t tolerate bullshit from others. It´s not lower value behavior if you are nice to someone. Not being friendly only means one thing: You are insecure.

-The wannabe Instructor

My favorite kind of people are the kind of guys who want to be Instructors as soon as they discover the community. At first (told me by real Instructors) these guys never make it. And second: This journey should be for you not for others. You are not in the community to get approval from people you never met in your life. Learning game should enrich your life, it should help you become: “your best self possible.” And not to get cheers from fanboys on an online board.

-A Boot Camp is not a solution for everything.

I read about that all the time and saw it with my own eyes. A lot of guys with mental problems like depression think if they just do a Boot Camp they whole life will turn. This is just wrong. Nobody should consider a Boot Camp if he didn´t solved his hardest psychological problems yet. Instructors are not psychologists, or social scientists and they don´t want to be it. Sort out your shit as good as you can, spend time infield and then after some success join a bc to fix your SP´s. I would love to read about this on a company website but to this day I never did.