What makes theREDmole workshops different?

YOU are what makes theREDmole customized workshops different, because – unlike many other pick-up “gurus” – I treat you like a person and not a commodity.

Have you ever been on a workshop where you felt like a square peg being jammed into a round hole?

Believe me, I know the feeling myself.  But you don’t have to accept that anymore – there is another way…

Enroll now in a workshop from theREDmole and you get:

  • Customized game for who YOU are – not for someone else who is totally different from you.
  • Feel great knowing that any girl you sleep with is magnetically attracted and bonded to YOU – not to some canned routine.
  • Attract the the right girls for YOU, whether that’s bartenders, professionals, strippers, athletes, or whatever type of girl fits YOUR life.
  • Cutting-edge sexual framing and comfort-building techniques that will explode your ability to sex girls on the very first night you meet them.
  • The closest thing to a “sure-thing” in the seduction community (and I have the reviews to prove it).


I will only be holding 3 workshops until the end of 2009,  so if you want to join my list of clients who have completely revamped their lives then here is your chance.  I would like to do for you what I did for them.

These workshops have limited space, I only work with a few people at a time so that I can Customize Principals and Techniques of Social Dynamics to your life so if you’re interested hop on board, we’d love to have you.

The simple fact is that my students get Results and I have the almost endless testimonials to demonsrate it (CLICK HERE to Listen to some of them) , that not only did I teach them the skills to get the women they wanted in their life, but also gain the confidence and lifestyle they have always wanted. You can listen to their stories on my Review Page, I am very proud to have them as my students and if that is not enough to convince you o the level of teaching that I bring to you, then who knows what is.  Again…

These workshops are for 3 days and are tailored around YOU.

We will be working those 3 days during the day as well as during the night almost constantly in an environment that we can work on your specific needs. Below is the list of locations and dates.


Austin, Oct. 23rd-25th

In October we will be taking on one of my favorite towns, probably one of the best Day Game cities that you could go to and also the Night life is especially flavored, we can bar hop – club hop all throughout the Music Capital of the World. Accommodations are always easy and affordable here, and I would definitely recommend staying a few extra days just to take in this magnificent city.


Austin, Nov. 13th-15th

So two months in a row….who could ask for anything more. November is great for Austin, cool weather, school is in session the city is full of people and full of life. In this training session we will be working it around the clock again. Basically 3 days tailored towards you and what your needs and lifestyle call for. We will be teaching purely infield and so you will get a lot of time and attention to get you the results you desire. As always I keep the workshops small so you can get that Signature Customization I am famous for.


Dallas, Dec. 11th-13th

And in December we will be back where it all started DFW! Dallas is great for many things and in the winter time is is even better. The In Door Venues are packed, but aside from just regular Venues in Dallas, there are those infamous Strip Clubs in Dallas. Normally I go over people’s Hired Guns needs in our times when we eat, working waitresses or bartenders, but in Dallas we will have the options not only to work our Daytime and Nighttime needs, but also we can work the Dancers as well. If you’re interested in Stripper game, I would definitely recommend this workshop. Space is always limited to a few people for customization purposes.


If you really want to see a change – from an instructor that has proven results – then don’t hesitate to enroll now.

Let’s kick ass!