Expenses for the last 2 days for Horacio and myself–

$100 in gasoline

$60 Food

And we didn’t need to spend so much on food, but we splurged…

Today is Christmas morning.

We are driving out of the valley that once held one of the most impressive societies that humanity has seen.  Perhaps it still does.

Teotihuacán – or Mexico City

‘One thing that has always propelled me in terms of Pick Up has always been the Human Connection.’

We rarely focus on that ‘human connection’ when it comes to ‘game’ however that is the main goal…right?

At some point we all sat there alone in front of a computer feeling the solitude of the walls around us.   Then we stumbled on somewhat of an answer and found the Pick Up Community.

However in this community we miss the point.

Instead of being lead by human connection we fuel our fires by searching for attention.

It is like anything our egos want to chase – the idea of getting attention from people who never gave a shit about us (hot chicks) makes us feel we will achieve fulfillment.

Mastery over getting those women that one day alluded us will get us to a level of contentment that we have always wanted.

One thing that I have realized in my ride through the PUA community is that I have actually lived this where as other people who teach this sort of ‘superlative’ lifestyle have not.

Somehow we have been convinced into this belief that a checklist of qualities will somehow achieve that goal.  That void, that ever crushing voice that never shuts up will be satisfied fully if only we could be that guy…you know the one…

If only I could-

Party with rich people

Party with famous people

Fuck Playboy Models


Be an International Playboy

…live the life ‘TV’ tells me is life.

(for a community that has such a ‘Fight Club’ theme isn’t it funny how it is exactly what ‘Fight Club’ speaking out against defines it)

Those things I have been a part of and I can tell you they are not the answer.


Because they chase the attention, they chase the ego.

If you want that, then by all means chase it, but don’t fool yourself in thinking that is the answer, because I can guarantee you if you actually succeed at even half of that you will see that none of that means shit.

The fears, solitude, loneliness doesn’t do anything but get bigger.

I suppose the reason why I am writing all of this is cause what spawns my interests in life have more to do with life and the simplicity of humanity than anything.

I think about this because of the time I have spent in Mexico City, where there is a great group of people.

It is a massive city, a humbling city….sure there is danger here, but have some common sense and you’ll live.

It makes me think of the things that have always driven me, even before my time in Pick Up.

When in Mexico you can see the division of class, it is polarized and prevalent.  The middle class is gone.  The rich are so separate form the poor, it is so obvious that you feel guilty just passing through.

This is also something that has been happening to the US, however no one wants to see it.

I always hear people argue about politics and different solutions to the problems that society brings; however, things like politics are too crazy, absurd, complex, fallible…and so on, for me to even entertain an answer.

The only thing that I can worry about is what is in front of me and what I am dong right now.   You can always try and change the world, but if you can’t change the world that is right in front of you then you’re not going to get very far.

In meeting people, you need to do what is right in front of you.  You need to be able to face the world in that is in front of you.

When you’re faced with someone you like then you need to make a move, that move should be defined by you, not what the image of the Internet PUA says.

The Things I stress in terms of meeting women is –

-Know what you want

-Show it in the right ways

-Don’t let it control your life

In the US we are facing a lot of realities pulling the carpet out from under us…poor economy, heavy debt, lack of connection with people, lack of culture and so on.

The news is packed with reaffirming these things.

However let’s look at this from a different angle.  Who knows if things will get better or worse, and frankly that is not really my business or point.

No matter what happens to us as people the real things in life will always stay there.
What I mean by that, is hard times can take away everything from you.  War can bring pain and suffering, and huge loses, but never can it take away from the beauty of being human.

Humanity is something that we are far away from.  To me humanity is –





It is not a list of things that make us ‘cool’, it is never the identity we think we have or the identity that is assumed.  It is what is in us when we have nothing and when we have everything.

By all means I am not always happy…but life is to be lived.

I understand why it is a good to learn a routine to go and talk to women, but why are we measuring our success with this ‘Art’ by the calculated responses…why are we not trying to see if we can connect with someone rather than get a reaction?

If you do this you will turn sex into a reaction.

For instance, you take Qualification and has it been taught as a tool to generate ‘Attraction’ and ‘Value’…as if we can get someone to comply they will be in our tractor beam?

Why are we not using it to-

-Dominantly express ourselves

-See if they are Qualified to talk to us

-Challenge people on what WE are interested in

When I talk to women I want to know about their sexuality or what they are attracted to, so that is what I ask.  Now I use the principles of Social Dynamics and Seduction to make this work but it is so easy…

I will give you a template –

–       Qualify on a topic you want to talk about –

–       Ground or Show what it means to you

–       Continue to Qualify

–       Frame based off of that

So here is an example

Q- I want to ask you, what is it that makes you know you like someone?

(they don’t have to answer, just continue talking)

G- This used to really confuse me, I thought I was attracted to people but then I realized how I was just attracted to the attention.  You being an attractive girl probably know exactly what I mean.

Q-So what is it that you really find attractive about someone.

F- You know what I can totally tell that you are someone who has a lot to offer but you always attract the wrong guy.

What is happening here is you are running Qualification in a Pattern.  I have been teaching this stuff for the past 6 months or so and it works great.

Let’s not miss the point here…

There is a lot that we can be bitching about right now with the world, or maybe your life.  That being said let’s take it as an opportunity to bring back the things that have meaning in our life.

Redefine Quality in Self,

Make sure you life your life true to yourself,

and have Fun with the simple things.

Remember the most influential things in your life have less to do with money and more to do with passion, honesty and purpose.

Alright…my turn to drive…

Next Stop – Chiapas – Palenque

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