The true path to Seduction is Authenticity…

The more I learn, explore and discover myself…

The more I live my ideal life.   What this means is that we all have our best possible life within us.  In order to live this we need to experience the right things in our life.  Sex is a powerful tool.  It is a tool of self-discovery.  If you’re living the best lifestyle with the your ideal sex life, you become become your ideal self.


The Story 

In 2007 I had a client who hire me for a 1-on-1.

He was one of my first 1-on-1 clients.


(Forgive me if you’ve heard this story before)


His name was Ronnie, and he was already pretty good.

What I couldn’t understand for the whole weekend was why he wanted so much training.


I mean the guy was already pretty good with women.

Back then the name of the game was –

Get Laid, By Hot Chicks and that is about it (I don’t think anyone would really contest this either)


Long story short, Ronnie pulled me aside on the last day and said,

“Steve, I need to talk to you.  I have known and worked with so many dating coaches.  I have worked with the best guys in the world, but I knew you could help me because you’re the only guy that has humanity to him.  You’re real and have values.   You’re a guy that I would model myself after.

My real problem isn’t approaching or talking to women, I am good at that.

I want you to look at some pictures.”


Ronnie pulled out a small camera and started scrolling through the pictures.   I saw some of the pictures from the weekend of him and I, him and I with women, we were basically going through a timeline of our weekend.

He kept going and going with the pictures.

The we set on a picture with him and a beautiful blonde woman.

They were happy and smiling.


He said, “That’s Kate, and we were supposed to get married this last year.”


My first thought was, ‘Man, you need to get over her’ but I held my tongue and said nothing.


Ronnie then started to get upset and looked at me very seriously…

“This picture is old, it was taken when she was healthier.  The last year I spent taking care of her while she had cancer and she died right next to me and everyday of my life I wish she would have stayed and we would have gotten married. 

But I am alive and she is not.”


He started to cry.

“Like I said, I picked you to help me not to learn how to talk to women, but because when I met you I knew I could actually talk to you about this and I hoped you could help me.  I don’t think you know how good of a teacher you are.  You’re the only one in your industry that does what you do.  You care, your have compassion and you’re  someone that can truly change someone’s life.   I don’t think you know that yet, but you need to know that.

We have one more night working together, and before we go out I want you to help me with something.  I want to know how to express this to a woman.  I want to be myself to a woman and have her attracted to me.   Can you help me communicate exactly what to say and how to say it to women in different settings, can you give me a customized routines stack that is 100% me?”


That day we came up with the first of theREDstacks.  It was hand written and rehearsed.  It had many different things to it. It had humor, generating a girl’s attention and it had some deep stuff about his life he had just told me about.


5 Years later I have spent some crazy times together with Ronnie

He used to come to Dallas and every time he would actually out lay CJ, Sinn and myself.  Literally hooked up with a chick every time he was in town.

We traveled in Europe together and throughout the USA.

We became close friends and he always encouraged me to push more in my business.

He was always so insistent –

“Steve, you offer what nobody else does.  I have known so many guys in the industry and you’re the only guy that is truly teaching guys to be their best selves.  The world needs to know about you.”


Eventually he met an amazing girl and is now engaged, and happily engaged.

He has always had a great career and lives an extraordinary lifestyle.



If you’re not familiar with theREDstack it is a completely custom manual for you, based on you so that you can meet, connect and seduce women using your life.


What made it so unique was

1 – It had a different style of technique (It worked different and better than any other seduction model)

2 – It was fully custom so it not only got you results with women, but it empowered your lifestyle. 

People grew in their entire life, not just their success with women. 


Nearly every company tried to copy it and all of them failed.   It is literally the best product on the market for seduction…and to be honest I don’t want to do them anymore (keep reading and I’ll explain).


Since then I have written over 150 of theREDstacks.

They get great results.

However, they’re tough work and I only will take 4 orders a year.

The cheapest stack is $2500 and the most expensive is $10,000.


I don’t advertise for them (haven’t for about 2 years) and I still get emails about them all the time.


My Question for you

If there was a course that taught you how to make your own version of theREDstack would that be something you’re interested in?  I am not going to write any new stacks this year, but I would like to design a course behind it.


Don’t worry about price or anything like that, I might not even do this, or charge anything.

I just want to know if a product directly based on theREDstack is something you’d be interested in.

I want to know what you think…

Shoot me an email (MAIL ME HERE)


I am going to tell you again – I am not going to take any orders for theREDstack!  What I really want to know is –

Is something like theREDstack, building a path of Seduction Completely off your life a road that you would like to follow?

If you are let me know!

Send em that email – (MAIL ME HERE)


Talk soon


Steve Mayeda